Kryz Uy’s Home Maternity Shoot and Preparation for Her Baby Boy

Earlier this month, lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy announced that she and husband Slater Young were having a baby boy! Before the ECQ implementation, the family did a simple and natural maternity shoot at home. Modern and fresh, Kryz shows us how chic a couple she and Slater are. We simply fell in love with the shots of Next by Metrophoto.

Kryz Uy's Home Maternity Shoot and Preparation for Her Baby Boy

Kryz mentions in her blog her happiness that her first pregnancy was documented in such a beautiful way. It was a reflection of her personal aesthetic. We learn a thing or two as she mentions that the styling was simple, effortless, natural, and beautiful. She loves that with these photos, she was able to capture herself in this beautiful phase of her life.

Totally agree! So to all the moms out there wanting your own maternity shoot at home, these photographs will definitely inspire you to have one.


"I know childbirth during a pandemic definitely isn't the most settling thing so I'm doing everything I can to prepare for when the time comes."

She prepares herself with a hospital bag packed and ready to go, keeping healthy with pregnancy-safe workouts and healthy meals, and planning what to do for different circumstances and scenarios. She mentions that there were anxieties and precautions at hand with sacrifices to be made and coming to terms with the fact that their birth story will not be what they imagined at all.

"Despite everything, I'm thankful and lucky to be healthy and come to know that we are stronger than the family we thought we were"

"I don’t expect him to be anything but loved. I just want him to be happy and healthy."

Kryz Uy's Home Maternity Shoot and Preparation for Her Baby Boy

Amongst all these photos, her favorite set had to be the “wet” look because it cooled her down after a hot day. She mentions that it only took five minutes to shoot!

"The key to a good photoshoot is to plan your concept and make sure you are comfortable with it before your shoot date! This should reflect who you are and should be as timeless as possible!"

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Photos: Next by Metrophoto / Styling: Airene / Makeup: Raisa Bercede / Hair: Shyra Qyumbi

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