The Sterile Technique: How to Disinfect Your Groceries

Coronavirus spreads from person to person no matter how healthy one might be. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets that transfer to our nose and mouths and even surfaces that were touched by another person. Because of this, we regularly clean ourselves and our homes. But what about our groceries?

The Sterile Technique: How to Disinfect Your Groceries

We may not always be aware of how contaminated things that we touch are like grocery carts, coins, canned goods, milk containers, etc. but there are a few things we should take note of! According to the National Institute of Health, the virus can be found in aerosols for up to three hours and plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to three days. To learn more about how long the virus stays on surfaces, click here.

Social distance when doing the grocery shopping.

Remember to fall in line while going in and out of the supermarket. Don’t get too close to a person beside or in front you, observing 3 feet or 1-meter distance from each other. As always, wear a face mask and avoid touching your face.

Leave your groceries outside for three days.

Healthcare provider, Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen advises that we should try not to bring groceries into our houses unless absolutely needed. With the logic of NIC, we could leave groceries in our garage or outdoor area for three days.

If you use a shopping service, have them dump the groceries outside.

There are different online grocery deliveries available in the Philippines such as: Landers, Lazmart, MetroMart, Pushkart PH. Again, only bring them in when it’s absolutely needed.

Tips when shopping

  • Wipe down your cart
  • Only touch grocery items you’re sure you’re going to buy
  • Don’t shop if you’re experiencing any respiratory problems
  • Plan what to buy for two weeks

The Sterile Technique

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What are your own methods of cleaning? We’d love to know down below!


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