How Parents Can Properly Disinfect Their Space and Surfaces from COVID-19

Aside from the usual cleaning routines we already established at home, it’s time we take it up a notch especially in times like these. Extra precaution is surely needed, so we’ve got these extremely simple but largely helpful tips ready for you! But first, you’ll be needing an effective cleaning solution at hand.

How Parents Can Properly Disinfect Their Space and Surfaces from COVID-19

Here’s how you can concoct a cleaning solution that you may use for disinfecting different parts and surfaces of your home:

Things You Will Need
– Spray bottle
– Bleach
– Water

All you have to do is mix 1 part bleach to 9 parts water into the spray bottle. Shake before spraying into surfaces, and wipe with a cloth. Not only is this disinfecting spray easy to make, but it’s an efficient way to maximize one bottle of bleach, making it last a month–or even more!

Once you’ve made your own disinfecting spray, here are some cleaning tips you can do at home:

Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily
These surfaces include doorknobs, tables, light switches, remote controls, game controllers, and the like. Disinfect these surfaces as often as you see fit throughout the day!

Keep your bathroom clean all the time!
Although you don’t really have to scrub and wash your bathroom tiles every day (you should do this at most once a week!), it’s still best to maintain its cleanliness daily. You can do this by disinfecting your toilet seats, toilet flushes, sinks, and faucet handle as often as you see fit.

When coming from the outside
Always remember to wash your hands first before touching anything or anyone at home! Always have hand soap, paper towels, and alcohol at the ready. When you’re also exposed for a certain amount of time outdoors, it’s also recommended to shower and change your clothes once you get home to make sure that you don’t carry any harmful viruses and bacteria into your home.

On that note, make an outdoor disinfecting mat
With the disinfecting spray you just made, spray a floor mat with the solution; it doesn’t have to be soaked, but just moist enough to be able to clean the soles of your footwear. After running errands outside, have family members step on this disinfecting mat before going further in your home. Although it’s still best that you leave shoes outdoors even after stepping on the mat.

Don't forget to clean your phones and other gadgets!
We are literally hands-on with our gadgets almost 24/7, so we often forget that these are breeding grounds for bacteria. Although we don’t recommend that you use the disinfecting spray for this, as not to damage your gadgets. To properly disinfect your gadgets, pour alcohol on a cotton pad (don’t soak!) and wipe your cellphones and gently dab your laptop or computer keyboards with it. You can do this as often as you see fit.

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