This Mom Threw A Lockdown Themed Birthday Party For Her Baby!

Mommy Aya still wanted to celebrate her son’s first birthday even if she couldn’t push through with her original party idea. Instead of renting a house with an infinity pool and a lush garden space perfect for an outdoor BBQ, she settled with doing an indoor lockdown themed party for her little one, Marius Rafael. Working as an event stylist for her own brand 32 Flavors PH, Mommy Aya had the right skills up her sleeve to pull off a D-I-Y party. She made¬†caution signs and safety reminders that read, “Stay Home, Save Lives” and even wrapped Rafael’s crib with warning tape! So cute and very timely! Read more about how this mom made it all work out.

This Mom Threw A Lockdown Themed Birthday Party For Her Baby!

Mommy Aya made sure that the first birthday party of her son was still going to be very memorable. She moved the celebration to her grandma’s old house which she decorated thematically.¬†She designed her son’s own cake, backdrop, and even prepared loot bags for their “guests”! This is the interesting part. The whole family bought face masks, alcohol, antibacterial wipes, and other useful items against the pandemic and sent out the loot bags to their friend via delivery! Now this makes Rafael’s birthday celebration even more special, don’t you think?

While she takes pleasure in designing, Rafael thoroughly enjoyed the D-I-Y photoshoot while his big sister made him giggle for shots! Check out this fun photoshoot the family did to celebrate Rafael’s first birthday!

Photography: 32FlavorsPh

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What are some of your ideas for your party during the quarantine?

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