Teach Your Kids How to Play Football This Quarantine

In one of our latest episodes of B&B Homeroom, we invited Coach Miguel from Kickstarters PH to teach kids drills and exercises that can help hone their football skills, so we’re here to show you a recap in case you missed it! All you need are a jug of water to stay hydrated throughout the exercise, a soccer ball (or any ball), and a face towel to keep dry. Wear your best sports attire as well to help get you in a sporty mood.

The drills are easy to follow and are perfectly suited for kids aged 2 to 7. Coach Miguel emphasizes that these drills are aimed to help kids develop control, balance, and coordination. In addition, it doesn’t only help kids to be able to follow instructions and cues, but it also serves as a foundation for developing good habits for their physical health.

Teach Your Kids How to Play Football This Quarantine

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