Check Out How These Moms Managed to Pull Off Creative Quarantine Parties!

Parents, we understand how hard it must be for you to plan your kids’ perfect birthday party during this quarantine! With limited resources for party decorations, costumes, desserts, we must make do with whatever is available during this tricky time! Today, we share how these parents thought of creative ways to still make birthdays super special: A ‘Quaranchella’, Safe-at-Home party, a Quarantine monthsary, and more! Take a look at these quarantine parties and what mommies have to say about it!

Check Out How These Moms Managed to Pull Off Creative Quarantine Parties!

Nina's Quaranchella

The one and only indoor music and food festival!

“First thing in the morning, we surprised Nina with the set-up and balloons (which she has never seen one before). She was smiling, waving, and bouncing up and down! We loved the fact that we had no time constraints and could party the whole day long. Nina even got to squeeze in her morning nap and continue her party in the afternoon!” – Ninin Adique

Photos: nininja

Four-Ever Sweet Belle

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy sweets. And that’s basically the same thing!

“A trip to the beach hotel with a kiddie pool is what we were looking forward to. Because of the quarantine, Isabelle’s 4th birthday became this beautiful DIY set-up of balloons and a cake which she loved eating just right before her afternoon nap!” – Rachel Sy

Photos: rachelimsy

Kylo's 8th Month Lockdown Party

Note: No one is invited to this party!

“We put Kylo in his car seat inside his play fence and watched as he enjoyed watching the lights around him. As a baker and a dessert table stylist, I always look forward to decorating our baby’s monthly celebration. I used some of my props from dessert table styling (caution tape and Christmas lights), bought balloons, made a DIY banner, and cake toppers. I even sewed the caution tape to baby’s onesie!” – Karylle Tuibeo

Photos: kylo_bryce

Home is where the heart is. The heart is where the cookie is!

“As early as January, I had initially prepared his Barong Tagalog and loot bags that came all the way from Qatar. What was supposed to be a Filipino fiesta themed birthday party is now a Cookie Monster cake smashing party! I even had to manually pump more than 50 pieces of balloons! But really, it’s not the party that matters. The most important thing is to spend time having fun together and experience love throughout the day!” – Apple Omiciting

Photos: lil_ambernichole

Blazey's Safe-at-Home Birthday Party!

There’s truly no place like home!

“The timing of his birthday was the peak of the lockdown. My husband and I were joking that we were able to save a lot by not throwing a big party but nonetheless it was the best party! I saw his excitement as he went down and saw all the balloons scattered on the floor and walls. He was so giddy and couldn’t take his eyes away from the cake!” – Mika Baron

Photo: mikabaron

Super Calel is Batman for a Day!

Gotham needs everyone to stay home right now!

“The original plan for Calel’s birthday was a beach trip because our son loves, loves being by the water, and playing with the sand. I was particularly looking forward to a mini babymoon! The party decors, costumes, and cakes were easy to source out given the availability of online sellers and instant couriers. Calel had the best time dressing up as Batman, swishing his cape back and forth and mimicking Batman’s deep voice. In fact, his first words the next morning were, “Mama, can I be Batman again?” – Austine Lee

Photo: austinedylee / Decors: Elves Of the Party / Cake: The Little Baker / Cupcakes: Sugarelli PH

Bringing Winter to Summer for Queen Alea

No one quarantines better than Elsa!

“Before the lockdown, I imagined the party to be full of games and activities since our little girl now enjoys interacting with other children. Alea was over the moon over Frozen so we pushed through with that plan and so I had to set up a magical winter wonderland for my ice princess! We wished our families were with us but we had to content ourselves with virtual birthday wishes and FaceTime hugs and kisses!” – Austine Lee

Photo: austinedylee / Curtain Foil Decor: Pack and Party PH / Desserts: Sugarelli PH

Kalev's Quatro-tine Birthday Edition

A quarantine hero!

“The original plan was to celebrate Kalev’s 4th birthday and his sister’s post 7th birthday in Disneyland Florida. Despite having to manage what is available at home, our family loved how simple and intimate the part was. My cousin did the layout of the tarpaulin and the buntings and I just have it printed on bond paper. His Bumblebee costume was bought by his dad a few years ago that complimented the whole theme!  At the end of the day, it’s not about how extravagant a party is but how meaningful it can be to your children. Like any other kids, all he wanted was a cake and a candle to blow.” – Kathleen Gonzales

Photo: len_gonzales

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What are your plans for your kids’ quarantine parties?

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