How To Start Home Lessons For Your Preschoolers

Stuck at home with the kids, parents right now are wondering what they can do about their kid’s education and what their options are. In an episode of B&B Homeroom, Editor-in-Chief Janna Simpao sits down with Teacher Liana of Kidstarter, to talk about why homeschooling can be considered by parents for their preschool kids and what are the different challenges that may come with it.

During this episode of B&B TV, Janna and Teacher Liana talked about the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum and how it can be a good option for parents to try out with their kids especially now that we’re in quarantine. You might say though, “I’m not made for homeschooling”, but before you make that decision, here are some points that may keep you interested.

Understand how homeschooling looks like for preschoolers

Homeschooling at this age is all about play, exploration, and a little bit of preparation! Parents must set aside time and routine. Much like in (a physical) school, there must be a set schedule. Teacher Liana advised parents to just ease into the program. There’s no much pressure needed.

Equip yourself for homeschooling

Learn more about homeschooling through the first few chapters of the Kidstarter Curious Curriculum. These are the foundational pages that will help you get the right mindset for this new way of learning. Take it easy and try to keep an open mind. It’s going to be a memorable journey between you and your child!

Enjoy the learning process with your kid!

There’s no right or wrong way of homeschooling your kid. There’s only a perfect way which you’ll find out while you go through it together. As long as you’re providing them with play experience, you’re on the right track! You will have to push yourself creatively to get to know what your child is interested in. It’s not about what they learn, but how your child is learning, processing, and adapting to your learning activities.

Watch this episode of B&B TV to know more about how you can effectively set up lessons for your preschoolers!

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