This Baby was Born 38,000 Feet Above Ground!

With all the devastating news we’ve been hearing lately, it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear about this big miracle take place! Last June 6, 2020, on a flight back home to Manila, a mother successfully gave birth to a heathy baby boy 38,000 ft. above the ground! One of the cabin crew of Philippine Airlines Flight PR 659, Dino Antigua Karganilla, shares the story.

This Baby, Born in Midair, is the Hope We Need Today!

“It was a repatriation flight, our first to Dubai, that me and my fellow crew volunteered to take so we can fly our OFW kababayans back home to Manila. But who would have thought that we would be delivering a baby into this world at 38,000 feet above ground,” he shared in his Facebook post.  

Photo from Dino Antigua Karganilla

With all the “what could have been” moments that the mother, the baby, and the whole crew defied, this indeed is a miraculous moment! Pregnant women who go on board an airplane exposes themselves in a number of risk factors such as high anxiety rate, motion sickness, dehydration, and blood clots. But in spite these risks, Baby Ali, which means high, elevated, or a champion in Arabic, was successfully born into this world. This is indeed a gift in this time of pandemic and uncertainty.

“I hope to see you grow up and be a good boy, Ali. You are a good sign in these troubled times.” -Dino Antigua Karganilla

Congratulations to the whole crew of Flight PR 659 for carrying this out!


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