Father’s Day Special: We Asked Our Dads for their Ultimate Life Advice

Yesterday, we celebrated the first man we’ve ever loved–our dads. Though the dad role may look different in every family–he may be the family’s comedian, the best chef, the everyday playmate, or the ultimate superman–there’s no doubt that dads have a big role in shaping who we are today. So to honor the wisdom that they have as heads of our family and to learn more about life, our team asked our dads one question: “If you can give me one life advice, what will it be?” Some answers are funny, some are enlightening, but all are very inspiring. Read through this list and share with us in the comment section what ultimate life lesson your dad has taught you. Happy father’s day to all super daddies!

Father's Day Special: We Asked Our Dads for their Ultimate Life Advice

“Always know your “why.” Find your purpose by seeking the will and plan of God.” - Raymund Abad, 53

"True success is hinged in honesty and integrity. Success is a two-way street." - Donald Lirio, 49

"Make sure you have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and your Heavenly Father." - Rafael Simpao, 76

“Tough times never last, but tough people do and I’m a tough (Torres) girl.” - Joey Torres, 56

“Just be fair in life and do good!” - Jerry Galo, 54

“Nothing in life is easy, even pooping is hard… So you have to persevere and be resilient.” - Omie Rocha, 61

“In life, there will always be people better and lesser than you. Look at life as a long line- when you are down in the dumps, don’t count the number of people in front of you but look at the line of people behind you. That will make you realize how blessed you are” - Tony Perreras, 61

What are some of the greatest lessons from your dad?

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