This Maternity Shoot Paints a Picture of How Beautiful Pregnancy Can Look Like

Moments before the lockdown, Liaa commemorates her pregnancy journey through a romantic renaissance art-inspired photoshoot with Ark Studios PH! She shows off her soft pregnancy glow while also giving drama and sophisticated looks from the outskirts of town! Against a warm linen backdrop, she flips through the pages of her journal, reminiscing through the journey, hopeful that better days are soon to come. Go ahead and look at how nostalgic these photos look like!

This Maternity Shoot Paints a Picture of How Beautiful Pregnancy Can Look Like

Liaa gives us two sides: She shows off her baby bump with a long, open red dress giving us a sophisticated dramatic look while also giving us soft femininity with her Sunday white dress and elegant curls. The contrast of light by the farm and riverside gives focus on expressions as the couple share gentle glances and infectious laughter. Looking through this set, the brown tones give the photos a look back to a 17th century painting that shows the gentleness in a woman’s pregnancy journey!


We asked Ark Studios PH for some tips for those who are shooting during the lockdown:

  • Limit your crew as much as possible
  • Always keep in mind the safety of not only the client but your crew
  • Be mindful of safety protocols, non-pharmaceutical inventions, and directives, delicately especially when shooting a pregnant woman
  • Be a creative and resourceful photographer even with a limited crew. I had to take on the role of a stylist in this specific shoot and it was so much fun!

Photography: Ark Studios PH


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