5 Party Planning Tips For Your Kid’s Quarantine Party!

With social distancing and safety precautions in place, parents definitely need a boost of creativity to plan fun kiddie parties. If you’re a parent planning one right now, for sure you can relate to the struggle! There are so many questions in your head like: “how can I make my son’s birthday at home special?” or “how can I decorate my daughter’s quarantine birthday nicely?” Today’s feature will guide you through the steps in planning a really good home celebration! Photographer Bryan Carpo of Sofie’s Studio and Event Stylist Ananta Carpo of Party Bitz and Pieces, share with us how they successfully pulled-off their daughter’s glamping themed home party!

5 Party Planning Tips For Your Kid's Quarantine Party!

According to Mommy Ananta, they were supposed to throw Sofia a pool party since she loves the water. But because the lockdown was enforced, they gave her the next best thing which is the home glamping party.

“We asked Sofie about her favorites and she said that she wanted to have a glamping party. The theme fits perfectly in our mini garden surrounded by plants! We started collecting all the necessary decorations such as pastel balloons, personalized placemats, water, loot bags, chair details made of fringed cloth, and other accents for the tablescape.”  

Think of Your Concept and Color Palette

Your concept will be the heart of your home party. Once you’ve decided on a theme, choose a maximum of 3 colors before proceeding to putting your decors together. For Sofie’s party, they chose to do a glamping (camp with a glam) party with the colors blue-green, pink, and white!

Tip: Here are some party decorations to consider having for your party that will make a huge difference!

  • Simple backdrop
  • Balloons
  • Buntings
  • Party hats
  • Character print outs


Choose a Location That Suits Your Concept

Since guests are not yet allowed, you won’t be needing so much space for your intimate party! Utilize your living room, lawn, backyard, or even your garage. There are themes that are better done inside the house while some work well outdoors with fresh ambient light. Sofie’s party was a camping themed party so they chose to do it outdoors!

Ask for Helping Hands

Two is better than one! An extra pair of hands will be a lot of help! Ask for the assistance of your spouse, kids, or helpers! Styling your home party would be much more fun this way!


Get Creative With Your Materials

There’s no limit to your imagination! You can use everyday mundane materials for your styling needs. Mommy Ananta got creative and designed the layouts of the buntings, placemats, napkin rings, bottled water labels, loot bags, and party hats in Photoshop.

Have Fun With It!

The most important rule is to have fun! After all, there’s no point in throwing a party if you’re not going to enjoy the process! Make sure you take breaks, check online for inspiration, and let your creative juices flow! Often times, you’ll have trouble fixing this and that, but as long as you and your family are having fun, the party will be a success!

Photography: Sofie’s Studio Photography / Party Box: Party Bitz & Pieces

What are your party planning tips?

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