6 Simple Tips for Childproofing Your Condo

We know that a lot of young families are choosing to buy a condo unit in the Metro as their first nest. Living in a place that’s close to everything you need and avoiding long commutes is the dream! This means you actually have more time to spend with your family. However, most condo units in the Philippines have an open-space layout. When you have crawling babies and curious kids at home, this could mean constantly checking that they don’t hurt themselves. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your condo echoes a child-proof layout.

6 Simple Tips for Childproofing Your Condo

Secure your doors

Kids love to explore and when they open your main door, wander around the hallway and see the building’s elevator, this can post as a serious hazard. So, see to it that all exit points in your unit are secured. You may use a door knob cover or a baby-proof lock for this! If your unit has a balcony, make sure to cover that door too.


Maintain a child-friendly kitchen

Your kitchen is very accessible to your kids with the open-space layout of condo units. Take advantage of your cabinets and drawers and make sure to put all your kitchen needs inside–especially sharp objects and choke-hazard items. It’s also important to put safety latches and locks on your storage to make sure that it’s child-proof. You may also opt to use a stoveguard when you’re not cooking.


Soften up the edges of your furniture

Avoid bruises and head bumps by covering the edges of your furniture with a rubber protector or edge bumpers. You can take this up a notch by installing anti-tip brackets on heavy furniture. This way all your pieces stay bump-free and in place.


Cover up electrical hazards
Outlet plug covers and rubber cord protectors are your best friends in making sure that curious kids don’t poke fingers in outlets and bite electrical cords. It’s also helpful to organize all your cords and position them in areas where your babies won’t trip.


Declutter your unit

Or at least hide the clutter where the kids can’t see or reach it! Children explore and investigate through their mouth. Whenever convenient, try to keep breakable and choke hazard objects in a secured storage area.


Choose your plants wisely

We know how relaxing it is to bring the outdoor greenery into your condo through taking care of home plants. So if you’re also a proud plant parent, it’s important to carefully select which ones are non-toxic and child-friendly. Some of the top choices are Prayer plant, Baby Rubber plant, Areca Palm, and Ponytail Palm.


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