10 Things Every New Mommy Needs to Know, According to Moms!

“You’re pregnant!” – as soon as you received this news, for sure, it triggered all of your happy hormones! Suddenly, you find yourself in the pregnancy section to find books and magazines you can learn from, or you start your Google search for prenatal classes that can prepare you well for motherhood. People around you start to give advise, too, and you suddenly feel so prepared for the big mommy role.

Then, the day finally comes when you bring home your little one. You have spent hours, days, and months trying to learn the ropes but you realize that there’s still so much to learn! If only motherhood had an instructional manual that gives you a step-by-step guide on how things worked, then it would be easier, right?

Today, we have solicited honest experiences from moms who have gone through the highs and lows of raising a baby and we’ve put the lessons they’ve shared into a list! It’s a list of things they wished they knew  before they gave birth! So, if you’re expecting your little one to pop out soon, or you are already a new mom, keep reading and we hope that you’ll be able to relate to these stories.

10 Things Every New Mommy Needs to Know, According to Moms!

Every Baby is Unique

You might have heard this too from a piece of advice or, maybe, you may have said it yourself to a friend. But, it is true – every baby is unique. Sure, babies have similar needs when it comes to sleeping and feeding, but character, abilities, and, behavior are all diverse. Your second baby might be active at an early age, and your first one might not be the same. They foster at their own pace and in their way, even as a baby. So don’t stress yourself out by comparing your baby to others. Enjoy the process of getting to him/her. It will be a lovely experience!

"Before, I used to compare my kid sa ibang babies ng mga friends ko, which added so much stress on me." – Tin, 37, Mom of 1


It's okay to ask for help

Okay, the baby is crying! What do you do? Do not panic! It is normal that you do not know anything at first. You will only get to learn along the way when the baby is right there in front of you. Thus, if somebody offers you help then, without a doubt, accept it. Just make sure that these are people you trust. Ask your family to help you, and you will be surprised at how excited they are to get on board!

"One thing I've learned is that no one is fully ready for motherhood – even if you 'over prepare', there are things you will not be able to control, so help is essential." – Natasha, 35, Mom of 2


Prepare to feed all day, every day

Be prepared to be feeding your baby all the time! You will be stunned by how quickly they go hungry, even if you just fed them! Having said this, a nutritionally balanced meal and keeping yourself hydrated are a must if you are breastfeeding your baby. Otherwise, if you are bottle-feeding your little one, it is worth involving your partner to support you in the journey. Feeding a baby will eat your time and involves a lot of arm work, so find ways to keep yourself sane and entertained – read a book or binge-watch your favorite series and stretch if you need to!

“For a baby so tiny, it feeds more often than a growing teenage boy! For the first 3 months, wala akong ginawa kundi magpa-feed.” – Trina, 37, Mom of 3

“Kahit tulog siya, he's still breastfeeding! I did that for 6 months.” – Fiona, 29, Mom of 1


A clean house is not the most important thing

Yes, we know it is hard to maintain a clean house when you have kids. Especially for toddlers, you need to get used to chaos and mess and accept it for the time being. They will scatter everything, toss their toys, and move around a lot! Kids love doing it as they enjoy the mess! So, do not feel bad about having a messy house for a while. Everything will fall into place in time, and your home will go back to normal.

“I have a Type A personality and it was hard for me to adjust to chaos. But, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff like a messy house. As long as my kids are happy and healthy, I am happy!” – Taylor, 33, Mom of 3


Your mommy senses will be activated

You will be amazed at how you could even hear the slightest sound, how alert you get, and how you become more aware of your surroundings! You can be outside gardening while your baby is sleeping and hear him at the first cry.

“Pag preggy ka palang sobrang active na ng senses mo, mas matalas na pang amoy, panlasa, etc. Nung after ko naman manganak, mas aware na ako sa paligid ko. Konting ingay lang, kahit antok na antok na or pagod, naririnig ko siya. It’s a mommy thing.” – Fiona, 29, Mom of 1

“Naririnig ko ang iyak or sound ng anak ko kahit di nariring ng iba.” – Trina, 37, Mom of 3


You still need to take care of yourself and do not feel bad about it

You went through hours of labor and sleepless nights. Then, the next morning, you will be feeding and nursing your child again. So, taking a quick rest even, just a fast nap, doing a short workout at home, enjoying a nice meal with a friend, or savoring a cup of coffee in the morning is essential for every mom. Set a time, make a routine, and pinch in a little bit of “me time” for yourself!

"Sleep when the baby is sleeping. Rest if you need to and do not be shy to beg off in other engagements if you are tired. Do not forget to care for yourself, no matter how hard it is to do so."

“It was hard at first, but I learned how to balance my time. As soon as I wake up, I drink my coffee, then I squeeze in a quick workout, then I go back to being a mom again.” – Rachelle, 28, Mom of 1


Include your husband in the process

With all the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey focused around the moms, it is also worth acknowledging your husband along the way. Allow him to help you by involving him in the decision making, letting him watch over the baby while you take your beauty rest or just by simply asking him to cook a sumptuous meal for you. Small things your husband can do will not only help you a lot but, it will make your journey enjoyable.

"Kailangan mong magdecide with him. 'Wag ka magdedecide on your own so your husband can feel like he's with you. It helped me a lot especially in having 2 toddlers.” – Vanya, 30, Mom of 2

“Malaki ang involvement ng partner sa journey. We share the responsibilities, may it be with our child or our home. Sobrang laking tulong niya and it helped me maintain my sanity” – Lara, 29, Mom of 1


Raising a child is not cheap

Let us be real – you need to prepare for this financially because it will not be cheap! You will be surprised at the obligations involved in raising a baby from buying items such as cribs, car seats, clothes, etc. There will also be ongoing costs like clothes, diapers, milk, sitters, and more. Moreover, the baby grows fast and, the next thing you know, you will already need to prepare for his/her education. It is a bit scary to hear but, it’s good to be aware so, you can prepare. You can get through it with the right support and financial planning.

“Every penny counts when you are raising a kid. I wish I cut back on unnecessary spending before.” – Bernadette, 47, Mom of 1

“It was hard, and I am not going to lie. It was not cheap raising them, but seeing my kids grow successfully is the best investments I have ever made!” – Tess, 50, Mom of 2


Time will go by fast

Savor your time with your kids as they will grow up quickly. Their childhood will slip right through your fingers! We cannot control time, only our choices. So, enjoy every little second you have with your baby. The first word, first step, first laugh – maximize technology and document as many moments as possible!

“Spend more time with them kahit baby pa sila. Most of us think na madami pa namang time kasi bata pa sila without realizing that they grow up fast. Enjoy them being clingy as well. Sabe nga nila, the days are long but the years are short. In the blink of an eye, they will be on their own.“ - Tin, 37, Mom of 1

"We do not own them and we are on borrowed time. So, enjoy every moment, watch them grow, spend as much quality and quantity time. Teach as much as we can and make conversations." - Anna, 48, Mom of 4


It will be hard but it will be worth it!

You will have sleepless nights, experience frustrations, and even feel less of a mom sometimes. You will have up and down episodes, that is no doubt. Motherhood is a challenging job; it requires 24/7 devotion. But, amidst all this, you will experience so much love. Being a mom is a beautiful privilege; your kids are and will be your legacy, and they will make it all worth it.

“Being a mother is a full-time job and you can never resign from it. It's hard and indeed a sacrifice but when you see your kids happy, healthy and successful, it's the most fulfilling sight ever.” Tess, 50, Mom of 2

"I had to give up practicing medicine so I could go full-time with the greatest joy of my life--my son, my firstborn. It was the best decision I ever made. No regrets at all because I saw every single developmental milestone--from his first crawl to now achieving his dreams as a registered nurse abroad. It surely makes me a very proud mom." - Margaret, 59, Mom of 2


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