Clothes, Learning Materials, Toys: Shop Local From These Online Stores!

The safest and most efficient way to shop for your kids nowadays is online, but where do you start? From clothing, room essentials, books, and toys, we list down a couple of proudly local online stores ready to provide you and your kids with what you need. Shop for your kids and support the local business community at the same time by checking out these stores.

Clothes, Learning Materials, Toys: Shop Local From These Online Stores!



Room and baby essentials

Bibs Manila
Instagram: @bibs_manila
Looking for some adorable bibs for meal time? Bibs Manila creates fun and quirky bibs with all kinds of designs and patterns like flamingos, unicorns, cars, and so much more. They can even personalize bibs with your baby’s name, too!


Coco Lala
If you’re an expectant mom preparing for the coming of your little one or if you’re simply looking for new room essentials for your nursery, then is the store for you. Bath time can be more fun with their foldable bath tubs which are also great space savers. You can also check out their braided nest beds which are suitable for babies and toddlers. The cushioned braid around the bed is detachable and can even be used as a bumper to protect your child from bumping their heads against the crib or the walls.

The Kiddi Company
Instagram: @thekiddicompany
For storage that is both cute and functional, check out The Kiddi Company. Their popular items include the Kiddi Cart where you can organize your baby bottles, bath products, and the like, while the Kiddi Basket can help you neatly put away toys. They also offer Kiddi Mats which make walking, crawling, and playtime much safer.


Clothes and Shoes

Instagram: @shoplaya
Laya is all about laidback, stylish, and breathable clothing perfect for any season. These adorable rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits are all thoughtfully designed by Moms and Founders of Laya, Alexa and Ary. Ease and comfort were top of mind for these Moms when it came to designing Laya’s collection. Their jumpsuit, for example, has only two top buttons on the shoulder straps, making it quick and easy to put on your kids!


Munting Yapak
Instagram: @muntingyapak
Even kids need classic and beautiful shoes to wear with any outfit and for every occasion! Munting Yapak produces timeless, genuine leather shoes which are handcrafted by local artisans. Their shoes are made with soft quality leather that is comfy for your little one’s feet and also durable. So, these shoes will last for a long time! Take note that Munting Yapak produces their leather shoes in limited quantities because they are a company that advocates sustainable and slow fashion. Be sure to send them a message asap if you’d like to order!


Yoji Wear
Instagram: @yojiwear
If you are in need of the comfiest sleepwear, check out Yoji Wear. Their pajamas and basics are made from 100% natural cotton and are free from chemicals and dyes! You get check marks on both high quality and comfort with Yoji Wear’s sets. They give you simple, fuss-free clothing, which retain their shape even after several washes!


Toys, Books, and Learning Materials

Cobble PH
Cobble creates handmade, child-friendly wood toys which are unique and interactive! One of their bestselling items is the 5-tiered Ring Stacker where you can let your kids remove and figure out how to stack the 4 removable rings on the solid wood base. It is also coated with baby and toddler-safe beeswax to preserve the wood. Cobble also features wooden toy houses, cars, animals, and name plates!


Teach your kids the beauty of our own language through Makabata’s ABAKADA flashcards. Each card features a Filipino word with a corresponding handpainted picture. How cool is that? They currently offer flashcard sets featuring ABAKADA ng Hayop (Filipino names of Animals) and ABAKADA ng Unang Pagbasa (sets of cards with vowel sounds a e i o u and ya ye yi yo yu). Makabata’s flashcards are a fun way to teach your kids different Filipino words and encourage them to love our language, too!


The Happy Shelf
All of The Happy Shelf’s learning materials are handcrafted by their Chief Toy Maker and a Mom herself Jesame Nabong-Mesia (You can find her as @artsymama on Instagram). The Happy Shelf aims to provide learning materials that answer your kids’ developmental needs. For example, they created a Preschool Language Kit which includes an activity that will help your young kids learn how to read. Check out their page for more interactive learning materials.


Pumplepie Books and Happiness
Instagram: @pumplepiebooks
Alexine Parreno and her 9-year old daughter Adriana started Pumplepie Books and Happiness, because they wanted to share their love for books and the beauty of Filipino culture to the rest of the world. Guess what? Alexine and Adriana themselves handpick the titles which they feature on their store, and all of these books are written and published by local authors and publishing houses. Visit their page to discover different books that tackle Filipino values, culture, and so many more topics!

Likha Creations
Reading and telling stories is an effective learning strategy for kids. Likha Creations makes storytelling even more exciting by allowing you to customize their ‘Out of This World Adventure’ storybook. Your book will include a personalized cover with your child’s name, making them the heroine of the story. You also get to select which of the characters resembles your child the most, while the length and other characters in the book will also match your child’s name. In this personalized storybook, your kids will learn important values, positive affirmations they can carry with them as they get older as well as Filipino culture!

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