This New Mom is Excited for Her Baby to See the World After the Pandemic

Almost five months ago, the Mercado’s welcomed Baby Kaell into this world and their lives were never the same again. Their morning chitchat as husband and wife are now replaced with daily updates about what Kaell did when he woke up, how much Kaell fed last night, and what Kaell’s new tricks are! Priorities really do shift once a new bundle of joy that crawls, cries, and stays cute no matter what mess they make is gifted to a couple, and Mommy Kay made sure that they documented all these memories through a photoshoot session with Whosoever Studios. Though the quarantine situation is unnerving, Mommy Kay is just grateful for the time she gets to spend with Baby Kaell while on quarantine. What she prays for now is for everything to clear out so her baby can enjoy and explore the beautiful outdoors! We chatted with Mommy Kay and she shared some of her insights in being a new mom in this abnormal times.

This New Mom is Excited for Her Baby to See the World After the Pandemic

What do you love most about being the mom of Kaell so far? “What I love most is the pure joy that I get from being a special part of my son's life. I love it when he learns new things, when he smiles, and when he giggles. These small things are actually a big thing for me. It makes my heart melt.”

What do you love most about baby Kaell? “I love it when he’s sleepy or not in a good mood and when he only wants mama. It’s a selfish answer but it’s really a great feeling when he doesn't like anyone else except me! I love it when he wakes up with a smile on his face ,then he touches my face with his hand and stares at me.”

What have you discovered about your husband now that he’s a dad already? “He’s always worried about us. He wants to make sure that everything is okay with us, that we’re comfortable. He makes sure that we are always protected and safe. He simply wants to give what is best for our baby.”

What were some changes you and your husband had to make now that you have a baby? “What to prioritize is the biggest change for us. All parents, as much as possible, want the best for their children. Also, whenever we have small talks, most of the time our topic is about Kaell. I would share what happened to Kaell within the day and what I have discovered about him.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your family life? “I’m looking forward to this pandemic to end so that we can all live normal lives, especially Kaell. I look forward to him going out to see the world and experience new things.”


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