6 Steps to Throwing a Virtual Gender Reveal Party

In this time of social distancing, we realize more than ever the importance of staying connected with our loved ones. Living in community quarantine does not have to mean missing out on the fun and festivities that happen when you’re expecting! Why not spread some cheer and invite your family and friends to an online gender reveal party? They will surely jump at the chance to see familiar faces, most especially the happy parents! Here are six simple steps to planning your own virtual celebration!

6 Steps to Throwing a Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Choose a date and an online venue

Just like any event, the first step is locking in that date. Consider that although most are working from home, many are still unavailable during their work hours. We suggest scheduling the party midday on a weekend, which is time usually spent on leisure activities.

Next comes the “venue.” You know your guests the most—choose an online platform that they are already familiar with. Popular choices for online events include Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, and FaceTime.


Send out digital invites to your guests

Decide who you want to share this experience with and let them know about it. There are countless online tools and templates available to help create personalized invitations for your event. Make sure to include the details, link, and password, if applicable. Also mention if you’d like them to wear a specific color to match a theme or maybe change the backdrop of their screens based on their guesses of the baby’s gender.


Decide on how you want to do the big reveal

Will the reveal be a surprise for the parents-to-be or only for the guests? If the parents would also like to be surprised, you’ll need the help of a friend to make the needed arrangements and ensure the initial reaction is documented.

You can think of out-of-the-box ideas for the big reveal or opt for classic, but always cute methods like cutting the cake to uncover pink or blue sprinkles. Other adorable ideas for the reveal include helium balloons in a box, themed piñatas, and popping of a giant balloon. If having the event outdoors is an option for you, you can also try colored smoke canons or confetti poppers. Trust us, the pictures will be priceless!


D.I.Y. The Party Decor or Call a Friend for a Helping Hand

Having the party online also has its benefits; you will only have to decorate one backdrop as opposed to an entire venue. This is a chance for you to showcase the different crafts and skills you may have picked up over the past few months. Whether you go for a color motif or an all-out theme, there is no shame in asking for a little help. Event stylists have adapted their businesses to the current situation by offering party-in-a-box packages for celebrations at home. You can try inquiring on their services through social media, or if you’re looking to D.I.Y., check out this article for online shops that deliver your party needs right to your doorstep!


Involve Your Guests in the Party

If time and distance allows, it would be a great idea to involve your guests by giving them a first-hand experience of the reveal. Gift bags sent out to guests prior to the event may include gender reveal sweet treats (such as cupcakes or truffles with a secret surprise inside) or mini confetti poppers. Other ways to involve guests are adding some fun games to build up the suspense or signing up for an online registry where they can show their support without having to leave the safety of their homes.


Cherish this time to celebrate with your family and friends

Don’t forget to make the most out of this chance to celebrate with those important to you. It may not be what you initially expected, but the genuine love for your growing family will still be there, most likely even amplified by the distance. Everyone will be thankful for the opportunity to connect with each other, and it will surely spark hope and excitement for the day when we can come together in person once again.

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