Up Your Cool Mom Game with These TikTok Video Ideas

Whether you just learned the basics of TikTok from this article or you are already savvy on the social media platform, it’s always fun to keep up to date with the latest trendy uploads. Gone are the days where Gen Z dominated the TikTok scene—there are now a number of TikTok moms gaining popularity thanks to their adorable babies and relatable #momlife content. Everyone is looking for new ways to keep entertained during these times, so why not pick a challenge to try out for yourself? We are sharing some amusing TikTok uploads that you can use as inspiration for your next video!

Up Your Cool Mom Game with These TikTok Video Ideas

1. Snack Challenge

This challenge can be done with fruit or candy, depending on what you think would be tempting for your kid. The video starts by leaving your kids with a tasty snack of choice and asking them to wait for your return before eating it. It may sound easy-peasy, but you might be surprised at the lengths kids must go to control themselves. To the pet parents who are reading this, you can also try this challenge with them!

@greyandmamaSuch an expressive little foodie 😂 ##fruitsnackchallenge ##toddlerchallenge ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##foodie ##candy ##toddler♬ original sound – greyandmama

2. Mom Life
Moms are built-in superheroes, and that’s a fact. Working jobs, managing the household, raising the kids—these are only a few of the many roles moms have to play. On top of that, there is the never-ending stream of questions coming from every member of the family. This TikTok video is relatable on so many levels. You can try it out by filming your own reactions or asking the kids to role play.

@valeria.lipovetskyAnd just like that.. I’m the mom 😅 ##mom ##HowTo ##fy ##fyp♬ original sound – levijedmurphy

3. Who is most likely?
There are many ways to approach this challenge, so you’ve got to plan it out. First, decide if you want involve two kids or more in this video. Second, explain the rules to dad, if he will be joining. Third, you can also add a bowl of water for each kid for added entertainment value. Listen to the questions raised and choose the child who best fits the bill. To avoid any hurt feelings, make sure to let your kids know this is just for fun and games.

@rachaelhooper0Dad was confused ##fyp ##foruoupage ##siblings ##parents♬ who is most likely to – its.amoraa

4. Princess Overnight Plot Twist
Start out by dressing up cute and stylish, but add a plot twist by acting out the changes brought about by being mom. We love Chriselle Lim’s take on this TikTok video by featuring the reality of her kids being the true princesses of the house!

@chrisellelimThe plot twist is that she was a princess all along but then became a servant to two princesses that overruled the household 👸🏻👸🏻 ##momlife ##kids♬ original sound – rayven💖


5. I'm just a kid challenge
You will need an on old family photo and group participation for this one. Just like if you were playing a game of Paint Me A Picture, you will have to recreate the old photo to a tee. With babies now as teens and parents no longer as flexible, the new picture is typically an unusual one. Try to find a silly photo of the entire family and overcome this challenge together.

@maninhaaa4estirecriamos essa foto nossa ❤️ vou postar os bloopers depois kkkkkkk (@viforesti )♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan


6. Wipe it down
This is another mainstream TikTok video that allows you to get really creative. You will be needing a mirror, glass cleaner, and a rag or glass wiper. Clean your mirror as you normally would to the beat of Wipe It Down by BMW Kenny, and then surprise your viewers with a costume change or full-on transformation in between! Check out the countless versions of celebrities for more ideas!

@kylerandmadOhh…Just helping our mom clean the house 🤣♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY


7. The OG Tiktok Dance
Keep it simple with the dance that started it all! This TikTok is immensely popular for a reason—it’s relatively easy to follow the catchy beat and choreography. You can do the dance with your kids or if you’re lucky, maybe the kids can convince dad to join. You will surely burst in laughter in between multiple retakes!

@addisonreHAHAHAH i hit him in the head♬ Laxed (Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685

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