This Mom is Lifting Her Way Through Pregnancy!

Seven months in her second pregnancy, Mommy Moriel is still lifting weights and she’s feeling good about it!

"I've had a very active lifestyle even before I got pregnant with my first child and I can really say that joining the crossfit community has been one of the best decisions I made in my life," -Mommy Moriel.

Even way before she got pregnant with her first child, she and her husband were already attending crossfit classes every six in the morning, five times a week. This prepared her body well for childbirth.

"With my first child, I didn't encounter any problems during pregnancy. I was just in labor for 2 hours, was able to deliver an 8.25lb baby via Normal Spontaneous Delivery, with no epidural anaesthesia. All the hours spent in the gym prepared my body for child-bearing and giving birth naturally." -Mommy Moriel

So, for the second time around, Mommy Moriel is doing the same routine until her D-day a few months from now. It’s important to note though that her doctor gave her the clearance to continue working out since her body is well-accustomed to the movements even way before she got pregnant. If you have plans of trying out a new exercise, make sure to consult with your doctor first. Read more about her story here!

This Mom is Lifting Her Way Through Pregnancy!

When did you start doing Crossfit?

“I started being active in crossfit in 2015. I was already doing Crossfit for almost 2 years when I got pregnant with my first child, Zion, in 2016. Our typical Crossfit class consists of a routine warm-up, stretching, skill work (heavy weightlifting and strength-building), followed by a metabollic conditioning where we do a high intensity workout. I also competed in a Crossfit Team Competition twice. Right now, because of the Corona Virus Pandemic and the lockdown, my husband and I set-up our own garage gym and we do workouts together at home everyday.”


Did you also workout during your first pregnancy?

“Yes I did. Though I waited until my 1st trimester to be over to start working out again. Since it was my first pregnancy, I was a bit scared and hesitant to continue any physical activity. I consulted my OB-GYN and she actually advised me to continue working out since my body is accustomed to doing such activities.”


What were the guidelines that your doctor gave you regarding working out?

“What she said was if my body is accustomed to doing something even before I get pregnant, then it’s generally safe to do it during pregnancy. Just always remember to listen to your body and rest and slow down if your body asks for it.”


What routine are you following now?

“Right now, I only do light cardio workouts (box step-ups, ring rows, push-ups, and air squats) enough to slightly raise my heart rate, and some light weightlifting workouts using dumbbells and barbell to strengthen my muscles and prepare my body for labor and D-day. My workouts are usually 15-20mins long. Sometimes I add accessory workouts for toning my arms.”


What are some safety precautions you take while working out while pregnant?

“I mainly limit the weights I lift now that I’m pregnant. Pre-pregnancy, I am used to lifting heavy weights. For example, i can do back/front squats with 125-175 lbs weight. Now that I’m pregnant, the heaviest weight I lift is 55-65 lbs. I make sure that I take extra precautions when lifting or doing movements. Most of the time I do scaled versions of workout movements to ensure safety for me and my baby. Listening to my body is the key. I avoid testing my limits at this point since I have a lot of time to do that after I give birth.


Do you encourage other moms to workout as well during pregnancy?

“Yes! I encourage it, but make sure that you adjust it according to what your body is accustomed to. And just like what my OB advised me, if you don’t have an active lifestyle, maybe super light workouts may work for you. It doesn’t need to be super structured. It could be as simple as taking a 30-minute walk around the village everyday, or a few minutes of light stretching of muscles. As I’ve said, it’s always best to consult your OB first before you start any workout routine while pregnant. Plan your fitness regimen together with your OB so you can be sure you’re on the safe side. Your body can do so many amazing things you do not know about. Discover them, use them, maximize them. You’ll thank yourself for it.”

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