50 Filipino Words You Can Use to Name Your Child

Hello expecting mommas! If you’re still undecided on the name of your precious little one, our Filipino language offers an array of choices that showcases the beauty and richness of our history and culture. In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, we compiled the most beautiful Filipino words that you can use to name your little one!

50 Filipino Words You Can Use to Name Your Child


Adhika – honourable objective Agila – eagle Agwa / Agua – water Amihan – northeast monsoon; cool and dry northeast wind Bahaghari – rainbow Bayani – hero Bituin – star Bughaw – color blue Dakila - mighty Dalisay - pure Datu – ruler or chief Dayang – darling, princess, noble lady Dilaw – yellow Diwa – thought or spirit Diwata – a very beautiful woman Hiraya – imagination, vision, dreams, hopes Hiwaga – mystery Isa – one Isla – island Katha – literary composition; art Kutitap – twinkle Lakambini – muse Lakan – chieftain; lord Lawin – hawk Laya – free; freedom Leon – lion Ligaya – joy Likha – create or creation Lila - violet and its lighter variations, such as lavender and lilac Liwayway – dawn Lualhati – glory Luntian – green Makisig – handsome Marikit – gorgeous; exquisite Marilag – majestic Maya – sparrow Mayumi – beauty Musika – music Mutya – charm or jewel Ningning – sparkle; brilliance Paham – learned man; scholar Paraluman – muse; beauty queen Prinsesa – princess Prinsipe – prince Rajah – ruler Rosas – rose Sinag – ray Sinagtala – starlight Tala – star Yari – made; finished

What’s your top three pick? Let us know in the comment section!

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