Setting Up for a Breastfeeding Win: 7 Preparations Every Mom Can Do

In a few months, you’ll be able to hold your baby in your arms already and before you know it, you’re catapulted to a whole new adventure with your little one: Breastfeeding! Although feeding your baby naturally is part of the birthing process, it’s not always an easy breezy experience. But as they say, if you set your mind to it and prepare yourself for the process, you’ll be able to pull it off, Mama! And since August is breastfeeding month, we’re here to help you prepare for a breastfeeding win! Are you ready?

Setting Up for a Breastfeeding Win: 7 Preparations Every Mom Can Do

Talk to your doctor

If you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby, talk to your doctor about it so he/she can help you care for yourself the best way possible. Getting ample rest, taking your pre-natal medication, and eating right are the general reminders you should take note of all throughout your pregnancy. If you have a strong mind and body, it will be easier for you to prepare for breastfeeding. You can also ask your doctor about the different types of care the hospital provides after birth and if they offer lactation consultations. If they do, it will be very helpful for you especially if you’re a new mom with no breastfeeding experience yet.


Attend a breastfeeding class

Attend a good breastfeeding class if any is available and accessible in your area. It can help you better understand how breastfeeding works and how to actually do it. In a class, you’ll learn how to establish a healthy supply of breast milk, how to make your baby latch, what breastfeeding positions you can choose from, and more. Seeing someone demo the step-by-step process of breastfeeding will help you erase the confusion from your mind so you can appreciate the full experience.


Buy breastfeeding materials

Preparation is key even in breastfeeding. Even before you give birth, purchase the items that will help you in your breastfeeding journey. Get a nursing pillow, nursing bra, and covers. If you plan to go to work after a few months, you’ll also need to buy a breast pump and sterilizers. Read articles or ask your mom friends what you should buy so you get a head start.


Study how to breastfeed

With so many resources available online, you won’t have a hard time getting an overview of how breastfeeding looks like. Here are some questions you can start researching on for answers:

  1. How do I know when my baby is latched on the right way?
  2. How do I know if my baby is actually drinking my breastmilk?
  3. How do I offer my nipple to my baby?
  4. Why am I feeling pain while breastfeeding?
  5. How do I know if my baby is satisfied?


Know the different breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding is not all about your baby’s comfort. It’s about yours also. Know the different breastfeeding positions so you have options to move around your body while feeding. Choose the option that feels most comfortable for you and your baby to make the experience more pleasurable and memorable.


Prepare the right food that can support breastfeeding

Before you can feed your baby all the right nutrients, it’s so important that you have a balanced diet as well. Continue to take all your prenatal vitamins and try your best to eat from all food groups. Make sure to drink extra fluids, too, to keep you hydrated throughout your breastfeeding journey.


Be open to learning through experience

With all the advice that you’ll receive about breastfeeding, always remember this: allow yourself to learn as you go along. We know that the pressure of keeping everything figured out and in place all the time is tiring. Allow yourself to journey with your baby in this new adventure. It might get frustrating but that’s okay! Remember that you’re new at this, too, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll eventually get the hang of it soon. Happy breastfeeding, Mama!


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