Distance Learning: How to Create a Routine to Beat Your Kids’ Boredom

Parents, as you and your child try to navigate your way through distance learning, we understand that it can get really difficult! It can take so much effort, negotiations, and pleading just to convince them to sit down and listen. We hear you! So today, we list down a few tips that can hopefully help you form a routine for your child so he/she can stay engaged all throughout his online class!

Distance Learning: How to Create a Routine to Beat Your Kids’ Boredom


Establish a morning routine

Make your child feel that he is “going” to school by waking him up early, giving him enough time to take a bath, eat breakfast, brush his teeth, and dress up for the class. A morning routine will help set his mind that a given time of the day is dedicated alone for learning with his teachers and classmates.


Because we live in an era of working out at home, it’s best to involve our kids in some easy stretching and warming up before they take their seats in front of their laptops! Aside from the health benefits of building their bones and muscles, exercising will help them improve their self-esteem and concentration, and will aid in giving them a more positive attitude and disposition in their classes!


Lessen their sugar intake during breakfast
Recent studies show that a breakfast meal of high fiber and less sugar improves a child’s focus and productivity. Oatmeal, bananas, wheat pancakes and whole grain pancakes are better than sugary treats and drinks before class hours. For snacks, prepare whole-grain breads and fruits to help your children be more productive and engaged in class.  


Provide a good table and a comfortable chair
You’ve probably read articles that encourage parents to prepare a study area in their house. We can’t agree more! A friendly reminder: this study area does not have to be all fancy. It just has to be conducive, well-ventilated, and most importantly, comfortable for your child. Provide a chair comfortable enough for him to be seated for at least an hour, and a table with a height just right for him to write on and perform other activities.



Assign someone in the house to supervise your child
If your work from home schedule coincides with your child’s school schedule, assign someone in the house to attend to your child. Anticipate that your child will need help not only in navigating the online platform, but also when he needs to drink water or go to the comfort room. Yes, we are after developing an independent child, but we also have to remember that just like in any new territory, a child needs guidance and attention to be able to function well.


“Speak” to your child through reminders
Motivate your child to “Smile,” “Listen to your teacher,” “Participate in class,” and “Be polite” by hanging visual reminders on the wall. This way, your child is reminded what he should do in case he’s starting to lose focus.



Engage your child in a conversation
What are the names of his classmates? With whom has he made friends with? What did he learn for the day? What is the most fun activity the class did? Through asking questions, your child will feel that you are involved in his learning. Because he knows you will check up on him after class, he may be more focused and attentive! You may use this time to share your enthusiasm in learning to get him excited for the next session! Don’t forget to also assess where your child needs help so he will enjoy his everyday learning experiences better.


Plan for non-gadget activities
Our kids need to unwind after their class, but avoid making this an excuse for further screen time! Allow his imagination to wander through his toys and books. Take this time to teach your child simple chores such as preparing afternoon snacks. With these activities, your child will not feel that his online classes are just an extension of his time for movie watching or playing online games.


Allow your child to rest
Your child’s eyesight might be at risk with the screen time required of him in distance learning. Give your child a good amount of rest in the afternoon and encourage him to sleep early at night so he is at his prime during class hours in the morning!



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