6 D.I.Y. Backdrop Ideas For Your Virtual Baby Shower

So now that you’ve set the date and invited everyone you would like to share this milestone with, what’s next? Why not elevate the celebration by preparing a creative backdrop for your screen? We’ve gathered six ideas you can try to D.I.Y. and impress your guests virtually. If you are sending out gift boxes beforehand, try and incorporate some items that are aligned with the theme like party hats or tasty snacks. Whichever theme you choose, be ready to prepare the crafting essentials—a good pair of scissors, your adhesive of choice (magic tape or glue gun), and whole lot of patience!

6 D.I.Y. Backdrop Ideas For Your Virtual Baby Shower

Theme: Oh, the Places You’ll Go

This Dr. Seuss book anchors on a simple lesson that every child should learn at an early age: life is a big adventure and if you embrace its ups and downs, you will succeed! Envision the sky as base for the backdrop and build your own clouds and hot air balloons to fill up the space. A simpler alternative to creating 3-D hot air balloons is printing out images and sticking their cut outs to the backdrop with mounting tape to create the illusion of depth.

What you’ll need: blue backdrop, pastel colored balloons or lanterns, barbeque sticks, small brown boxes, and colored paper


Theme: Filipino Fiesta

Inspired by the colorful festivals of the Philippines, imagine a vibrant backdrop decorated with Filipino elements. Hang the banderitas on top and create a border by grouping pamaypay, banana leaves, and banig, or whatever is available. If you’ve already decided on your baby’s name, you can cut out letters and stick one letter per bilao to spell out the baby’s name for a grand reveal.

What you’ll need: multi-color banderitas, string, pamaypay, banig, bilao, banana leaves, colored paper


Theme: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

If you have fairy lights or old Christmas lights lying around the house, just hang them on a curtain rod and let them fall vertically like rain. Layer a piece of sheer white cloth on top of the lights for a warmer effect. You can enhance this by adding metallic star cut outs or balloons to the backdrop, but trust that with the lights turned on, it is already beautiful as is.

What you’ll need: fairy lights, sheer white cloth, metallic star cut outs or balloons, white balloons


Theme: Baby on Board

By using a navy and white printed cloth as a backdrop, you are already half done. Use white, red, blue, and black colored paper to make cut outs of lifesavers, anchors, boats, and any other nautical elements you want to stick to the backdrop. You may use thick metallic pens to outline the cutouts or hang metallic balloons to add a little sparkle to the set-up!

What you’ll need: navy and white striped cloth, colored paper, metallic pens or balloons


Theme: You Are My Sunshine

This song is a favorite of moms because of its catchy tune and heartwarming lyrics. You can transform the song into a backdrop by starting with a yellow base of either cloth or cartolina and adding other gold accents on top. You can also spell out you are my sunshine in cute cursive and scatter sun-shaped cutouts in colors that complement your backdrop.

What you’ll need: yellow backdrop, gold foil tassels, colored paper


Theme: Let’s tacobout babies!

Using a colorful printed cloth as the backdrop, layer some store-bought or homemade hanging paper rosettes. The more colorful the fans, the livelier it will look on screen. If you have succulents that resemble cacti, you can also place them closer to the screen. For an upgraded guest experience, why not send over D.I.Y. taco kits they can all enjoy while attending the shower?

What you’ll need: colorful printed cloth, colored paper, string


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