This Dad Finds Out How Tiring It is to Take Care of a Baby

We stumbled upon this heartwarming Facebook post by a dad named Xtian Serrano who shared his experience in taking care of his baby by himself, without asking for help from his wife at all, for half a day. Xtian has witnessed how exhausted his wife gets while taking care of their baby–changing diapers, putting the baby to sleep, and of course feeding! We know both moms and dads split tasks as much as they can, but moms are the only ones capable of breastfeeding. Xtian even talks about how painful breastfeeding for his wife can be and reminds his fellow dads that moms never get a day off because they’re taking care of their babies 24/7! This Dad admits that taking care of his baby on his own, even for just a couple of hours, was difficult and physically draining. And this just makes him appreciate his wife even more! He writes, “let us always comfort our wives/partners. Tell them we are a team and that we got their back.”

After this experience, Xtian is calling all other Dads to take on this challenge. For just one day, dads will take care of their babies without asking help from moms at all. This challenge comes from a place of love and appreciation for moms and everything they do for the family! So, dads, will you take on the #ICanHandleMyBaby challenge?

How Tiring is It to Take Care of a Baby? This Dad finds Out!


Check out Xtian Serrano‘s original post below for his full story!


“I just wana share a short story.
Before napa isip ako mag bantay lng ng bata napapagod na? Mahirap ba talaga?
So i tried it by myself from start to finish.
Punasan si baby change diaper lagyan manzanilla change clothes pa dede pa burp wrestling muna before ma pa tulog.
I did it for just half day and i tell you it wasn’t easy. My patience was almost running out. My hands hurt like hell hinahabol hininga ko and as you can see on the last photo i was totally knocked out. Wala pang breastfeeding yan ha.
Lesson learned was that being a mom isn’t easy they need our SUPPORT not only financially but almost everything we can do to help them. They are doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY including breastfeeding the pain when the baby bites their nipples you should see the pain in our wives face.
Wala pong Day off pagiging nanay nila.. may mga kasabihan nga sila na mga nanay bawal mag ka sakit..
Mga bro hindi ibig sabihin tayo nag alaga kay baby eh under na tayo.. ibig sabihin nun eh responsableng tatay tayo sa anak natin.
Ang barkada tropa nanjan sa good times eh sa bad times nasan? Asawa/partners natin parating anjan para sa atin..bawi naman tayo minsan.
Let us always comfort our wives/partners tell them we are a team i got your back. They need it.
My snappy salute to my wife Lovie Serrano and to all the Moms out there and of course to those single moms out there too. You guys are really one of a kind…
My experience isn’t the same with the other dads so yeah that’s it.
So here’s my challenge.. 1 day ikaw alaga kay baby walang help from misis heheh will you take my #icanhandlemybaby challenge?”


Photo from Xtian Serrano’s Facebook Post
Photo from Xtian Serrano’s Facebook Post
Photo from Xtian Serrano’s Facebook Post
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