6 Ways You Can Announce Your Pregnancy Like A Celebrity Depending on Your Personality

With so much bleakness and distress in the current news cycle, it’s always a welcome burst of joy when couples announce to the social media world that they’re expecting a baby. Because of the extended quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we are expecting the posts will just keep on coming! From pictures of sonograms to holding up baby onesies to styled maternity shoots, the possibilities are endless when it comes to revealing your new pregnancy. We’ve gathered a list of how some celebrity mamas-to-be made their announcements in the past few months, so you can have a few ideas to start planning your own. Scroll through the list and find the one that suits you the most!

6 Ways You Can Announce Your Pregnancy Like A Celebrity Depending on Your Personality



(Layout) For the Go-Getter, Jet-Setter Mom

Instagram post of Ryza Cenon

Ryza Cenon broke the news by showing off her baby bump in an all-black, ultra-sleek ensemble. You’ll have to wait a little longer for your bump to start showing, but it is worth the wait to able to make the debut in such a classy outfit. Why not take it one step further and post a carousel of photos in various stylish outfits that show the bump? Also, if you’re already a furmom like Ryza, plus points if you involve your furry friend in the baby announcement!


(Layout) For the Laid-back Cool Mom

Instagram post of Coleen Garcia

Colleen Garcia and Billy Crawford’s post was no-frills, all love and genuine happiness. The couple lovingly posed while laying their hands on Colleen’s growing belly for the cover photo, and you can see snaps of the difference between the weeks when you swipe left. This is the post to recreate for couples that don’t want to think too much about the drama and simply want to share their good news!


(Layout) For the Sweet and Stylish Mom

Instagram post of Andi Eigenmann

Looking for an excuse to get all dolled up? You can D.I.Y. a maternity shoot in the comfort of your own home to come up with stunning shots like Andi Eigenmann’s. Opt for fresh and natural make-up and pair it with that dress in your closet that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. You can probably make this happen without any professional help, but you should warn your partner (a.k.a. cameraman) that it will take a lot of tries and patience before you get that money shot worthy of the ‘gram!


(Layout) For the Clean and Chic Mom

Instagram post of Sheena Halili

With a bun on her head and a bun in the oven, Sheena Halili was positively glowing in her series of photos featuring the baby bump. The minimalist shoot, set in a cozy corner of her home, looked so fresh and fluid. Layering accent pieces into the foreground can easily add character to the photos without taking the attention away from the main message. Not to mention, moms and non-moms alike are sure to admire how she made a sports bra and sweats look this good!


(Layout) For the Excited and Extra Mom

Instagram post of Joy Sotto

When it came to the announcement of her sixth pregnancy, Joy Sotto made sure she was not any less grateful and excited for the new blessing. A play on words on Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’s movie poster, the post included the entire Sotto family dressed in white and a baby carriage for their newest addition. Extra moms who have a little time on their hands can make their announcements unique by remaking a popular movie scene or adding a fun pun to the post!


(Layout) For the Creative Mom with A Personal Aesthetic

Instagram post of Martine Cajucom

Seeing Martin Cajucom Ho’s branding genius in action for Sunnies, you can only expect the same level of creativity when it comes to their baby announcement. She debut her bump in a bright orange one-piece with her adorable caption “we are growing a human!” If you are a creative looking for an artistic outlet, curating your own shoot might be a great idea to direct all your excitement and energy.

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