10 Fun and Interactive Games You Can Do For Your Virtual Baby Shower!

Are you planning a baby shower soon, but have no idea how to make it fun and engaging? With the current ‘social distancing’ precautions in place, you may be in shambles if you are going to push through, wait, or cancel. But guess what, just like any meetings that you do nowadays, you can also host a baby shower online!

Online parties are also as enjoyable as physical gatherings, and it is manageable too! You only need to organize out a few engaging games, D.I.Y a creative virtual backdrop, play around with some music, and you have yourself a party! Today, we have listed down some fun, interactive, and fuss-free games that you could do to lessen some dead airs and keep the fun flowing in your next online gathering! So, if you are planning to host a virtual baby shower soon, keep scrolling, and have fun picking out some games that you can add into your upcoming virtual baby shower!

10 Fun and Interactive Games You Can Do For Your Virtual Baby Shower!


(Card Layout) 1. DON’T SAY “BABY”  Share the instructions at the start of the program. The rule is straightforward. Just don’t say the word “baby” throughout the shower! Assign a “baby” police, or it can be the host to watch out for any guest who will say the word. The guest who didn’t say the “baby” word wins the game!


(Card Layout) 2. ROCK-A-BYE BABY Instruct each guest to hold their arms like they are carrying a baby. Set the timer on your phone or can be a virtual clock you can set on your screen, and ask the guest to start rocking the imaginary baby. The guest who will rock the baby the longest wins the game!


(Card Layout) 3. SHOW THAT BABY BUMP! Ask each guest to find something in their home to stuff inside their shirt and create a fake baby bump. Each guest will show off their baby bump on screen. Vote on the guest that was able to produce the most realistic baby bump. The guest with the highest vote wins the game!


(Card Layout) 4. WHAT BABY SONG DO YOU HEAR? Gather at least 6-8 nursery rhymes to play for this game. Play at least 20 seconds of the nursery rhyme song. Once the music stops, guests have 30 seconds to guess the title of the nursery rhyme. The guest who earns the most point wins the game!


(Card Layout) 5. NAME THAT BABY! Days before the event, ask for baby photos from your guests and compile them into a presentation. On the day, show the picture one by one and ask the guests to name the baby shown on the screen. Each correct guess earns one point. The guest with the most points wins the game!


(Card Layout) 6. GUESS WHAT’S IN THE BABY BOTTLE? You will need to have at least five (5) baby bottles (you can also opt to use any bottle you have at home) for this game. Place a number on each bottle. Fill in the bottles with different kinds of liquids. (example: fruit juice, milk, coffee, hot choc, etc.) Ask the guests to write down their guesses of what they think is inside each bottle and show them on the screen on your count. The guest with the most points wins the game.


(Card Layout) 7. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE MOM-TO-BE? Put together a list of questions about the mom-to-be and her pregnancy. Ask one at a time and give a point to whoever gets the correct answer. The guest who answers the most questions correctly wins the game.


(Card Layout) 8. LET’S PLAY MEMORY GAME This is a secret game.  Details like the name of the baby, due date, biggest food craving of the mommy-to-be, etc. will be asked at the end of the shower. The guest who remembers and gets the most information wins the game.


(Card Layout) 9. THE PRICE IS RIGHT (BABY EDITION) Explore for baby products and supplies from popular stores such as your local department stores, groceries, etc. so it’s easier for them to guess the price. You can screenshot the item with the corresponding amount from the page itself and compile it all in one presentation. Share your screen on the day and show the items one by one, and whoever gets the closest prize earns a point. The guest who gets the most points wins the game.


(Card Layout) 10. WHO’S READY TO BE A MOM? Host will prepare some pregnancy, breastfeeding, or parenting trivia questions. Ask the question one by one, and whoever gets the correct answer earns a point.  The guest who gets the most points wins the game.


(Layout) Do not forget to get some prizes!

Of course, you need to reward the players and winners to add more excitement and encourage your guests to participate. Gift cards will be your best friend for virtual baby shower games. It is not just useful, but it is also safe as there will be no physical interaction involved to get a hold of the prize. You can send it via e-mail or transfer it via e-money. Plus, guests will be able to enjoy it at the time of their convenience! Go for essential stores such as groceries, food deliveries, or online stores! 



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