Moms, Here’s Where You Can Buy Pretty Plates Online!

Every mom knows the power of a beautiful dining table setup! Stress level goes down and happy hormones definitely go up. So, wether you’re preparing for a special occasion or you just want to look forward to something pretty everyday, we listed down local Instagram accounts where you can purchase pretty plates that can add joy to your dining experience. Some products are thrifted and some are brand new, but nonetheless, make sure to scroll through each one and comment ‘MINE’ as soon as you find the prettiest one for you! Ready? Here are 12 brands to check out!


Rumu PH


Earthen Krafts


Earth and Clay PH


Hiraya Ceramics


Warela Manila


Lipay Manila


Deko PH


Rustic Home


Keramikos PH


Casa Pirazzo


Yohin PH


Stones in Shadows

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