A Guide to Gen Z Slang Words and What They Mean

Parents, you know that as the times evolve, so does language. The youth of today, aka Generation Z or anyone born from 1997 onwards, have formed their own glossary of slang words which they use all over captions on social media. If you want to understand what the young ones mean by “Basic” and FOMO, then it’s time for you to study their vocabulary. Here are some Gen Z slang words and their corresponding definitions. Check it out!

A Guide to Gen Z Slang Words and What They Mean

Aesthetic noun Definition: The Gen Z synonym for style.

Basic adjective Definition: This has a negative connotation and is used to refer to someone who follows mainstream or unoriginal trends.

Beat your face verb Definition: Applying your makeup.

Bougie adjective Definition: Describes someone with very expensive taste or who loves luxury.

Bread noun Definition: This is synonymous to money. "Let's get this bread!" is an affirmative phrase for working hard and getting paid.

Bruh noun Definition: A term which refers to friends regardless of gender.

Cancel verb Definition: Boycotting a celebrity, a famous personality, or a brand that says something or exhibits an action that is highly offensive.

Clap back verb Definition: A witty comeback to an insult or negative criticism.

Drip/Dripping adjective Definition: Describes someone who wears expensive outfits and a lot of jewelry.

Extra adjective Definition: This can mean over the top, overly dramatic, or too much.

Fire adjective Definition: Describes something that you find cool or done really well.

Flex verb Definition: To show-off or brag.

FOMO adjective Definition: Stands for the "fear of missing out." This phrase is used in situations like not being able to go to a party and missing out on all the fun.

Glow Up adjective Definition: Describes someone whose lifestyle and/or physical appearance is better than what they used to be. This is usually a positive transformation.

High key adjective Definition:  Another term for obviously, proudly, or openly.

HMU verb Definition: Stands for "hit me up," which is an invitation to hang out or to send a message on social media.

Leaving someone on read verb Definition: When you open a message, but do not reply. Similar to the "seen zone."

Low key adjective Definition: The opposite of high key. This is synonymous to subtly or modestly.

No cap adjective Definition: Synonymous to sincerely.

Salty adjective Definition: Synonymous to being upset, bitter, irritated.

Shook/Shookt/Shooketh adjective Definition: Synonymous to being shocked.

Slay verb Definition: To do a good job or do your best.

Smh verb Definition: An acronym for "shaking my head." This is used to express disbelief or disagreement.

Snack/Snacc adjective Definition: Describes someone who is very attractive.

Stan noun Definition: A term for a huge fan or supporter usually of a celebrity.

TBH verb Definition: Stands for "to be honest." This can also be used to express agreement.

TFW adjective Definition: Stands for "that feeling when..."

Vibe verb Definition: When you have a good feeling about someone or you are getting along with each other nicely.

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