A Playground of Inflatables for Seve’s Fourth Birthday Party!

Seve celebrated his fourth birthday party surrounded by his family and a playground of inflatables just for him! Imagine being a four-year old with a bounce house all to yourself. What a dream come true! Though it’s not a party full of kids running around, and playing games, Seve’s celebration is still so wonderful and thoughtful. Mommy Toni and Daddy Paul are focusing their love and attention on this special day on their son alone. How heartwarming it is to see them jumping with Seve in the bounce house, playing with him on the huge slide, eating ice cream, and running around while Seve rides his scooter. Plus, they made sure to include a few other party favorites, apart from the inflatables, like an ice cream cart, Taho kits, and candy! Judging by the big smile and laughter on Seve’s face in these photos, we’re sure he had the time of his life celebrating with his family.  Cocoon Studio, who has been snapping photos of Seve ever since his baptism, once again captured all the fun moments beautifully! Check out all the fun from Seve’s party right here.

A Playground of Inflatables for Seve's Fourth Birthday Party!


Photographer: Cocoon Studio / Venue: The Monochrome / Caterer: Manila Pink Kitchen / Design: Party Pals / Inflatables: Rodeostar / Candy: Candy Corner / Taho Baskit and Soymilk: Avenida Pedestrian Delights / Ice Cream Cart and Iskramble: Sorbelato & Soyblessed / Conceptualization, Coordination, Taho Baskit, Pabys Banderitas: Pabys Creates Events

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