This is What You Can Do to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a feat that only Moms can do! We’re already congratulating you for taking on this responsibility, Momma. Breastfeeding is not exactly a skill that comes naturally. It will take some trial and error, and at some point you might feel the stress building up. So, before your little one comes along, we’re here to help you prepare for what’s to come. We fully support you in your upcoming breastfeeding journey, and so we rounded up a couple of ways to help get you in the right mindset.

This is What You Can Do to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Breastfeeding


(Layout) Manage your expectations

Breastfeeding is not a piece of cake. Your baby might not latch on to you correctly the first time. It might take a few rounds of testing different positions and some practice until you and your baby get comfortable. Breastfeeding is a skill that you learn step-by-step and through experience. It’s not going to be a perfectly smooth ride, and that’s okay. It will take some time to settle down into a feeding routine. Be patient with yourself.


(Layout) Arm yourself with information

To ease yourself from worrying about breastfeeding, be properly informed. A wealth of resources are available online to help you out. Some of the essential need-to-know information would be what to do from Day 1 up to one year of breastfeeding, tending to sore nipples, possible problems while breastfeeding, breastfeeding positions, and the like. Bookmark these resources so that if you encounter some problems like a painful latch, you will have an idea about what to do. Be sure to consult with a lactation expert or your doctor if you have other concerns.


(Layout) Ask for Advice from your Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Friends with Babies

Talking to other Moms and airing out your worries is a great way to calm yourself down. Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you will help you stay strong from the day you start breastfeeding. You can also ask breastfeeding moms about what products to use such as breast pads, nursing pillows, and nipple creams. Just remember that every breastfeeding experience is different. But sharing stories about your personal journey can be inspiring. Talk about facts and fears about breastfeeding and be with people who will keep encouraging you along the way.


(Layout) Be Wary of the Myths

Do not believe in breastfeeding myths like small breasts don’t produce enough milk, you shouldn’t breastfeed when you’re sick or breastmilk is not enough to nourish your baby. As you read up on breastfeeding, remember to double check if that bit of information is credible. You’ll prevent yourself from experiencing unnecessary panic when you know what are the myths and what are the facts.


(Layout) Get Help from Your Hubby

You and your hubby will need to work as a team! Once your baby comes, you’re solely responsible for breastfeeding of course. Depending on your babies needs, feeding intervals can range every two to four hours. So, you might want to reassign some tasks and chores to your hubby. You can ask him to prepare meals for you, have bottles of water always ready because you need to stay hydrated, and just simply help you stay comfortable as much as possible.

Your breastfeeding journey will be unique to you alone, and it’s an irreplaceable bonding moment between you and your baby. It’s not going to be all rainbows, but you will get the hang of it in time. Just remember to always be kind and patient with yourself, ask for help when you need it, and surround yourself with love. We believe in you, Momma!


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