A Practical Gift Guide for Your First Time Mom Friends!

We all know that every bit of a mom’s body, mind, and heart is focused on her little bundle of joy. This also means that gone are the days when every penny in her pocket is either spent or saved for her own luxuries! To help you shop for your mom friends, we prepared a list of fun and functional gifts you can choose from!

A Practical Gift Guide for Your First Time Mom Friends!

(Layout) Bamboo Blankets 

If only we could wrap more time for sleep, then it would be on top of the list! Since we can’t, the next best thing to give would do! Pamper your mom friends with the softest and smoothest eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo blankets, so she will be comfortable with her sleep.

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(Layout) Maternity Pillow 

Did we already mention comfortable sleep? With all the physical discomfort in pregnancy and breastfeeding, your momma friend deserves the most comfortable position when she hits the sack! It can be adjusted so she can bend it any way she prefers.

Photo via Snug-a-Hug on Instagram



(Layout) Stylish Breastfeeding Clothes

New chapter, new fashion sense! Support your mommy friend’s breastfeeding journey with a variety of ready-to-wear clothes made especially for her! Whether she prefers tops and bottoms, dresses, or jumpshorts, this brand covers all personality and style!

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(Layout) Maternity Underwear 

Encourage her to embrace the changes in her body with maternity underwear! Let’s not underestimate the relief of wearing the right size and make of an underwear!

Photo via Inay Moments on Instagram



(Layout) Rasska Trolley Handle 

Because she needs all her and her baby’s essentials always close, she will find a hundred and one use for this trolley! Fun, space saving, and functional, this trolley can be a witness of their ever-changing needs!

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(Layout) Pocket Sterilizer 

This pocket sterilizer comes in handy when your momma friend needs to check her mobile phone, grab her keys, or use a pen and paper! Remember that everything that comes close to her comes close to the baby, too, so better be safe than sorry.

Photo via UV Care Philippines on Instagram



(Layout) Backpack with Sterilizing Function 

While a woman can never have too many bags, a mom can always have twice as much! There are a ton of new things her bag needs to accommodate while making sure they are both organized and sterilized.

Photo via The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub Website



(Layout) Baby Audio Monitor and Pager 

A mom’s voice can soothe like no other, so if she needs to do an errand while being 150-feet or less distant from her baby, get her this baby audio monitor that will help both of them communicate! It also serves as a night light, and can monitor the room temperature, too!

Photo via Baby Mama PH Website



(Layout) Zip Lock Bags 

Because everything else falls second place behind a growing baby, your momma friend surely needs to organize her stuff! From food to baby needs to personal knick knacks, these reusable bags will help her find what she needs in the most efficient way.

Photo via Zippies PH on Instagram



(Layout) Recovery Herbal Bath Soak 

Allow her to squeeze in a little me-time with this bath soak from Buds and Blooms! Since we know all her me-times will just be a snatch away from her all-packed mommy schedule, let her indulge in a few minutes of bath time with this soothing herbal soak.

Photo via Tiny Buds Baby Natural Website 





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