Here Are 9 Gifts You Can Order Online for The Kids on Your Nice List!

If you’re looking to start on your holiday gift list but are not quite ready to venture into a mall, there is no need to worry! While families have been adjusting to life in home quarantine, business owners have also been adapting to the current needs of their cautious customers. Retailers, both big and small, have taken their products to online platforms to reach larger markets and start rebuilding the business after the struggles of the past months. While online shopping has its perks, like the absence of long lines and driving through holiday traffic, it requires a discerning eye to ensure what you see online is what you get delivered to your doorstep. We assembled a list of gift ideas from certified online shops for your holiday shopping needs. Check out the stores and then check out your cart to spread some holiday cheer to some lucky kids!


The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles Glow in the Dark Sea Life

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Ogalala | Recommended Age: 3Y+ | Price: PHP 600.00

Puzzles are a great activity for siblings or the entire family to work on and bond over. From outer space to prehistoric dinosaurs, there are lots of different puzzle to solve, so you can choose a picture that would best pique his or her interest.


Paw Patrol Total Team Rescues – Chase Vehicle

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Toys R Us | Recommended Age: 3Y+ | Price: PHP 2,599.75

Join Chase and the rest of the Paw Patrol team on their next rescue mission with this complete set! With all six puppies present, no rescue mission is out of reach. Smaller sets and individual characters are also available.


Play-Doh Toolin’ Around Toy Tools Set for Kids with 3 Non-Toxic Colors 

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Toys R Us | Recommended Age: 3Y+  | Price: PHP 699.75

This set instills the mentality that it is okay to get your hands dirty sometimes, but only when meant literally! Creating with colorful clay and kid-friendly tools encourages the use of imagination and working with their hands to bring ideas to life.


VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Ollie & Co. | Recommended Age: 18m+  | Price: PHP 2,299.75

For younger babies, the lights and sounds of this discovery book can keep them better occupied than the latest handheld gadget. The nursery rhymes and songs were specifically chosen to keep playtime as educational and engaging as possible.


Doctor Set with Pink Vest

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Toy Wonderland | Recommended Age: 3Y+ | Price: PHP 379.75

Pretend play is a great way to encourage kids to live out their fantasies and dreams. This adorable pretend doctor set is a great gift as well as an opportunity to share with the kids the reason we feel gratitude and praise towards our front liners.


Fisher Price My First Kitchen Set Pretend Playset

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Fisher Price | Recommended Age: 2Y+ | Price: PHP 1,499.75

Kids can manage their own kitchen and play out the highs and lows of cooking and food service. It’s always a fun surprise to see what’s cooking on the menu. Also, this kitchen playset might just be the key to discovering a future hobby or even passion of theirs!


Hot Wheels Pocket Launcher with DCC Playset

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Hot Wheels | Recommended Age: 3Y+ | Price: PHP 399.75

This is a great accessory to add to any car lover’s collection. While assembling tracks is definitely fun, there’s just something different about speed. You can even add on multiple individual cars if he or she has been extra nice this year!


Shopkins Lil Secrets Season 4 Shop Mini Playset

Photo: Lazada | Shop: Shopkins | Recommended Age: 3Y+  | Price: PHP 699.75

Whether you’re just starting your shop collection or you never missed a season, these new sets are sure to please as you locate the keys to unlock secrets and open up new levels of your shop. For this season, you can choose from a bakery, style saloon, café, or a slushie shop!


LEGO Ninjago Jungle Raider

Photo: Lazada | Shop: LEGO | Recommended Age: 7Y+  | Price: PHP 599.75

Take some of the excitement from the hit tv-series home with a jungle raider build. While the difficulty of this specific build is meant for someone a little older, you will surely find something available for whatever age you’re shopping for. The LEGO range is extremely diverse, you might even find one you’d like for yourself!


[Disclaimer: Baby and Breakfast is not affiliated to any of the brands or shops listed in this gift list.]

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