Make Your Christmas Family Photo Extra Festive This Year with These 5 Tips!

We are only a few days away from when the “Merry Christmas from our family to yours” posts take over social media once again. Taking an Instagram-worthy family portrait is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have a whole family to feed for Noche Buena. Just like any other photoshoot, it needs extra preparation and dressing up. From choosing your color coordinated outfits to gathering all the fun props, you need to make time to put everything in order to capture that perfect moment for your holiday photo. So, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional photographer, check out these easy and creative tips you can try for your family shoot this Christmas season. 

Make Your Christmas Family Photo Extra Festive This Year with These 5 Tips!

Play with props
Amplify your family shoot with props that is everything Christmas! Incorporating seasonal elements will surely elevate the vibe and feel of the photos. You can opt to use fairy lights, Christmas balls, snow spray, or even inviting Santa Claus to be in the frame. Moreover, you can also do something active like decorating your tree, baking a gingerbread house, or giving out gifts to your family to create a bit of dramatic movement. These elements would make your family photo uniquely fun and festive!


Photo from @d_laurel


Photo from @mayadbeginnings


Wear coordinated outfits

Whether it’s Christmas sweatshirts or holiday-themed pajamas, wearing seasonal “matchy-matchy” outfits can be very trendy and fun to look at! You can play with textures, hues, and patterns—as long as everyone will have the same level of style. Not only will it add character to your photos, but it will also put you and your family joyous mood!


Photo from @cole_hernandez


Photo from @niceprintphoto


Work with colors

Are you deciding between white and blue or are you opting to mix and match this year? Even if you opt for colors outside the traditional red and green, coordinating the palette with everyone (including the furry babies!) will emphasize your unity as one family. If you favor following this tip, make sure you choose solid colors; try to avoid big logos or messy patterns. On the other hand, if you would rather mix and match, pick two to three colors that will create a stylish and refreshing combination. 


Photo from @niceprintphoto


Photo from @lizzzuy


Take out that costume
Yes, we know costumes are usually worn for play time, but we think it is just as fashionable for the Christmas holidays too! Take your family photoshoot to the next level by showing off your very own superheroes suits or famous family costumes. Take inspiration from these family photos down below. Going the extra mile with the creativity and the effort for your holiday photos will surely catch the eyes of your friends on social media!


Photo from @mikaelamartinez


Photo from @nianaguerrero
Show lots of love
It has been a rough year for everyone and after all that we have been through, showing love and gratitude with family is the best way to cap off the year.  Enjoy the experience with the whole gang and express your love for one another while you pose for portraits. Remember that you are the subject and nothing beats real affection and genuine smiles. It’s almost always the case that the more fun you have in the photo shoot, the more memorable the images will turn out!


Photo from @sofies_studio_photography


Photo from @mayadbeginnings


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