Time for Resolutions and Renovations: 7 Color Palettes You Can Try for Your Kids’ Rooms!

There’s just something about a new year and the clean slate it brings that makes change a little less intimidating and a lot more exciting. Whether you’re making healthy changes to your lifestyle or finally starting that home improvement project you’ve been eying, there is no better time than now. If you’re expecting a new baby or your kids are growing out of their current bedrooms, redecorating a room might just be the project for you! Choose colors and furniture that warm up the room and make it a space they won’t want to outgrow. Mix and match classic neutrals as the base and playful hues for accent pieces so you can easily change it up as your child’s personal style evolves. Scroll through the color palettes and design pegs we’ve gathered for some inspiration for your new year redecorating needs!

7 Color Palettes You Can Try for Your Kids' Rooms!

Neutral and Bright

A classic neutral tone like gray or sand would make a great choice for walls and flooring since it would likely match your child’s style for years to come. Add a pop of color with canary yellow accents to add brightness and a more cheerful energy to the room. It’s also been said that soothing yellow hues in interior design can help with calmness and stimulating learning.


Classic and Clean

If you love tidying up and organizing spaces, this is the perfect palette for you! Pair cool blue hues like stone blue and sky blue with white and beige pieces for that seamless pairing. This timeless palette will surely stand the test of time and can be easily livened up or toned down by changing the shades of blue. Another benefit of choosing blue is painting it on the walls give the room a relaxing feel, which will help your kids get their much needed beauty sleep.


Light and Dainty

This lovely palette of blush and ivory has stayed a classic for a reason. You can’t help but feel the love when you walk into a room decorated in these tones. A touch of lilac gives this palette some uniqueness as well as the adorable decor hanging on the walls. Another great addition to this aesthetic would be minimalist gold metal object such as the lampshade by the crib.


Bold and Bright

Muted white and gray interiors meet bold orange and bright yellow accents for this stylish room. Notice how the strong colors were limited to small, easily movable pieces as opposed to an entire wall or cabinet, but despite the size, they are still so striking. Light wood furniture make an excellent accompaniment to this palette. We also love how fun interests can be incorporated in the room’s design like how elements of outer space were illustrated on the walls of the room.


Mellow and Serene

Go for something mellow and relaxing by opting for a pastel palette filled with mint greens or powder blues. The bright color of the walls helps make the room look a little larger than it actually is, while the dark wood furniture helps tie all the colors together. The white curtains and beddings add that much needed softness to the room in contrast with the darker wood.


Minimalist and Chic

Keep it modern and minimalist with classic colors and clean lines. Jazz it up with a hint of red hues, as seen in the beddings and ladybug decor. The thematic decor is not overwhelming since all the other design elements are toned down. Choose a theme of significance to you and your family, maybe a favorite childhood book or vacation spot you always find your way back to you. It’s the little details that make it more meaningful and harder to outgrow.


Cozy and Playful

Let your imagination go wild when planning out the room and your kid will thank you later. Fill the room with comfortable pieces in shades of purple, periwinkle, and sky blue and scatter warm lighting to give it the ultimate cozy vibe. Make it extra dreamy by choosing a spacious bed frame and hanging some stars or constellation accents. Don’t be afraid of bold colors because you can always paint over them in time, but you only have one shot at providing your kid with the best, most imaginative space to grow up in.


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