8 Podcasts Your Kids Would Love to Learn From

How have you and your kids been holding up with distance learning? Are you looking for new, fun ways to engage your kids and encourage learning along the way? Podcasts are here to help you out, Mom and Dad! There are a variety of podcasts for kids available on streaming platforms and we’ve rounded up a list of the most entertaining and educational content that kids (and even parents) can enjoy listening to from morning to bedtime. Check them out!

8 Podcasts Your Kids Would Love to Learn From


The Story Seeds Podcast

In this imaginative podcast, kids ages 6 to 12 years old are paired up with award-winning, bestselling authors to create original stories based on ideas, or “story seeds,” the young ones themselves come up with! Though the stories are fictional, they represent meaningful topics which are important for kids to appreciate, including the power of imagination, communication, and even issues such as racism. For example, one of the stories is based on a 12-year-old Arab-American girl’s “story seed” about a character who represents her culture. She was then paired up with a renowned Arab-American author to develop her story idea. In every episode, listeners will get to discover the brainstorming and collaboration process of the kids and authors as well as hear the final story read aloud.

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But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why is the podcast that answers all the questions – no matter how silly or outrageous – given by kids. The episodes are aptly titled according to the questions curious kids send in like “Why do things seem scary in the dark?”; “Why do spiders have eight legs?”; “Where does the sky end?” and so much more. These questions are then answered using facts as explained by experts or industry professionals such as scientists, psychologists, authors, reporters, and the like. Give this podcast a try, most especially if your kids love asking questions.

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Circle Round

Circle round adapts traditional folktales from all over the world and across different cultures and turns them into musical, radio plays. It’s a truly enriching 10 to 20-minute audio production performed by movie stars and Broadway icons such as Santino Fontana from Frozen, Nabiyah Be from Black Panther, and many more. Circle Round will surely be an educational and entertaining experience for kids and parents alike.

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Brains On

Similar to But Why, this podcast called Brains On tackles the many questions kids come up with, but this time the topics are more focused on science. In every episode, a young guest joins host Molly Bloom in tackling topics such as bones, stars, bees, colors, and many more!

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The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

This is a science-fiction story about an 8-year old explorer named Finn Caspian and his friends who are all aboard the famous Marlow 280 interplanetary space station, going on adventures to explore different planets, helping out aliens, and solving mysteries. A fun tale chronicled in 15 to 20-minute episodes full of humorous voice acting, sound effects, and engaging storytelling, this podcast will surely keep the kids’ imaginations running wild.

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Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

What’s great about Be Calm on Ahway Island is that it features guided relaxation and mindful stories to help kids (and also parents) stay calm and even fall asleep. The episodes start with a guided meditation and mindfulness practice suitable for kids like taking deep dragon breaths. If your kids have trouble falling asleep at night, give this podcast a try!

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Little Stories for Tiny People
Here’s a podcast perfect for preschoolers and toddlers! Every episode is a delightful, witty story with a cast of animal friends tackling messages about friendship, feelings, and more. The host’s soothing voice also makes this podcast a suitable choice for bedtime stories.

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What if World

While But Why answers questions using facts, What if World answers questions sent in by curious kids through storytelling. Host Eric O’Keefe turns his responses into well-crafted, imaginative tales. One of the episodes answers the question “What if dogs never grew up?” and the response is a story about an elderly dog who finds his way to No No Land so he can stay a puppy forever! Try listening to this podcast to encourage more creativity and imagination among your kids while having fun at the same time!

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