10 Ideas to Help Moms Decorate Adorable Rooms for the Little Ones

There’s just something so satisfying about scrolling through interior design pages to admire all the beautifully put together spaces from living rooms to bedrooms, don’t you agree? We’re sure you’re excited about decorating your baby’s own bedroom, and we also know that there are so many ideas out there. While gathering inspiration for mood boards is exciting, it can also get quite overwhelming and disconnected. To help you out, here are some adorable pieces we found from online stores that can serve as a starting point for your décor and bring your dream room to life.

10 Ideas to Help Moms Decorate Adorable Rooms for the Little Ones


Create a cozy little nook in your baby’s room with a colorful teepee from Fun Nest. This easily makes for a comfy space to play or to lay down and read stories to your child.

Photo from @funnestph


Wall Mural
Walls don’t have to be plain especially when you can opt for creative wall murals like this map-themed piece. It would be fun to learn about geography as your kids grow with a life-sized map surrounding their rooms. For other designs, just check out Room for Tots.

Photo from @roomfortots


Macramé Art

Liven up your child’s room with lovely colors and artistic pieces such as these macramé feathers from Makrama. If you’re also a fan of autumn colors, then you will love this piece!

Photo from @makramawallhanging


Baby Gym

This baby gym from The Nurserie is another item to consider placing in your bundle of joy’s room. It’s not just decorative, but it’s also something your baby can have fun playing with safely!

Photo from @thenurserie_ph


Foam Chair

How cute is this embroidered foam chair? Your little ones can have their own designated seat to eat, watch tv, or play with you when they have their own plush chair.

Photo from @funnestph


Wooden Benches

Another adorable option for adding seating areas in your kids’ rooms would be these wooden benches from Juju Nursery! This would be perfect for siblings who share a room or for when you have other kids over for a playdate.

Photo from @jujunursery


Personalized Wooden Name

Personalized décor will always be extra meaningful! You can mount your kids’ names or special messages on the wall to add more character to the space. Check out these wooden nameplates from Lily and Lemon Co.!

Photo from @lilyandlemonco



Here’s a fun piece to place in your kids’ rooms! This rattan rocker in the shape of a kalabaw will surely delight your tots.

Photo from Fun Nest


Accent Pillows

Spruce up the space even more with accent pillows in fun shapes. You can arrange these on your toddler’s bed or around their floor mattress.

Photo from @jujunursery


Storage Set

Functional and decorative items are always a good investment! Jazz up storage areas with a colorful set that you can creatively arrange in a corner of the room. This is a great way to keep your kids’ rooms tidy and still aesthetically on-point.

Photo from @lilyandlemonco
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