6 Reasons You Should Go On Father-Daughter Dates

It’s been said that a father is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. Focusing on the latter today, we are all for scheduling regular father-daughter dates because of the positive impact on their bond as well as on the daughter’s future relationships. These dates don’t even require you both to get dressed up or to spend on a fancy dinner. You can have a movie and dinner date at home or play a game of your favorite sport outdoors—what really matters is that you get to spend quality time together. Whether you schedule time together monthly, yearly, or on special occasions, do whatever feels right for you. Are you thinking of starting the tradition this love month? Here are 6 reasons to get you to start planning that date!

6 Reasons You Should Go On Father-Daughter-Dates

Dad can set the bar for how his daughters should be treated.

We all learn how to love from what we see growing up, so in addition to treating Mom like a queen, Dad can set the standard for how his daughter should be treated by her future significant other. While your daughter’s future husband might not be a fun topic to think about at such a young age, it doesn’t hurt to start instilling in her that she should be treated lovingly and with respect. Aside from the gentlemanly acts of opening doors and pulling out chairs for her, Dad should also pay full attention to her, praise her for her achievements, and be thoughtful with their plans and conversations.


You can't replace one-on-one quality time.

With the stresses of the work week and Dad’s attention sometimes divided among siblings, it does not always come naturally to fit in quality time with each member of the family. A planned and scheduled date allows Dad to make sure possible distractions are taken care of so he can forget about work and show his daughter that she is a priority. It’s not something kids usually ask their parents for, but once the opportunity for one-on-one quality time is presented, it will surely be appreciated!


Dads get to show their daughters their fun side.

Whether Dad is the good cop or the bad cop, it’s always a welcome break to hang out with the parent hat off. Imagine a day with Dad with no rules and no responsibilities. Make it extra special by choosing an activity that you both enjoy doing, maybe biking, seeing a movie, or even dancing! It’s also an important lesson to learn that life is not all about work—it is sometimes even more important to let loose and have some fun.


It's a chance for both to open up and express feelings.

There are just some things that better discussed in private, so one-on-one time gives both Dads and Daughters the chance to do exactly that. Encourage her to share by freely speaking yourself, and mentioning that this is a judgement-free zone where you can talk about things you don’t normally discuss.


It can build confidence and character.

By complimenting her for both physical and character traits, Dad slowly builds up her self-esteem and confidence. Most especially if her love language is words of affirmation, take the chance to speak generously. Make sure to also commend her for the times she was a good example of kindness, respect, compassion, and other desirable traits. This will reinforce the good behaviour and guide her in all the future decisions she will have to make.  


You can learn more about each other as well as from each other.

While you can’t expect to know everything about each other, these dates allow you to catch up and discuss anything under the sun. From what work and school has been like to your goals and aspirations, ask a lot of questions and show her you will always be a friend she can turn to, when she needs you to be. Actively listening will also help, so make sure to pick up on her cues and read between the lines of her stories.


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