6 Eco-Friendly Plates and Utensils You and Your Baby Will Love

We all know how important it is to choose healthy and organic food for your kids so they grow strong and avoid getting sick, right, Mom and Dad? But did you know it is equally important to pay attention to the plates and utensils where their food is served? By carefully choosing where and how their food is consumed, you’ll be sure that what they put in their mouths does not come into contact with any harmful chemicals. To help you shop for your own eco-friendly sets, we gathered some options you can consider for plates and utensils that are both friendly to Mother Earth and extra safe for your babies and tots. Happy shopping!

6 Eco-Friendly Plates and Utensils You and Your Baby Will Love

Bamboo Suction Plates
This is a cute and functional kind of plate that is divided into sections so you can place different food items for your baby to eat. It also has a silicone suction base so it won’t slip off the high chair even if your baby accidentally hits the plate! Plus, it comes in so many fun figures like this penguin. Check out Baby Plates PH for more options!

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Plant-based Bowls, Plates, and Cups
Here’s another earth-friendly option! Li’l One Village offers Plant-based Bowls designed in Australia that are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and completely free from toxins. They’re microwave safe, too, so there are no worries about reheating your baby’s food.

Photo from @lilonevillage


Aside from the material being eco-friendly bamboo, these spoons also feature soft tips that are more comfortable for babies to use! Mollycoddle also carries fun, bright colors for you to choose from.

Photo from @mollycoddleonlinestore


Wooden Serving Board
Another option aside from plates is a wooden serving board so you can just simply arrange your baby’s food or snacks on the board. It also has a suction base to make it safer and less messy for the little ones. What’s even cuter is you can have Weaning Essentials Ph personalize the wooden board with your baby’s name!

Photo from @weaningessentials.ph


Ergonomic Spoon and Fork
This utensil set is perfect for babies who are ready to start self-feeding. Grabease spoon and fork set features ergonomically designed handles fit for your baby’s natural hand grasp. The spoon and fork also have choke protection barriers to make it safer for babies to eat by themselves!

Photo from @grabeaseph


Silicone Cup and Straw
If you’re looking for ocean-friendly straws, check out this Silicone Cup and Straw pair. GoSili/Silikids Philippines carries a 100% Silicone Straw Cup with an embedded stainless steel ring to prevent major spills. It’s also safe for your tots to grip because it won’t collapse. This is great to use for smoothies or juice!

Photo from @silikidsph
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