Moms, This Is What Self-Love Is Really About!

Moms, you pour out so much love for your families and you must not forget you deserve to be showered with all the love in the world too! We know it’s difficult to spare a minute to rest and recharge because of your endless to-do lists, but making self-love a priority is important to keep yourself strong, happy, and healthy. Beyond going on shopping sprees, eating comfort food or taking a nap, self-love is an intimate and personal journey where you take time to think about what you need to nurture yourself at any given moment. There’s no standard process for practicing self-love, because every person has different needs. To help you on your own journey, we talked to Life Strategy Coach and Self-Alignment Planner Francesca Atendido to learn what Self-Love is all about and how you can practice this in your own simple way everyday.

Moms, This Is What Self-Love Is Really About!

What is Self-Love?

What I always say is that self-love is differently applied in every individual’s life. The way you love yourself has to be unique to how you live your life. We all have different experiences and the way we want to feel loved. But it holds true for everyone that self-love is ultimately respect for your journey and soul. It is knowing when to do the hard things in your life because you know that it will bear fruit in the future. It is also the moments of silence where you need a minute to gather yourself.

Speak to Yourself with Kindness

Self-love is also in the way that you are speaking to yourself and supporting yourself through your journey. It is the kindness that you treat yourself with in the moments where you feel like you are not doing very well. Every mother’s journey is different and no two are alike. There is no reason for you to compare the effort you are putting in compared to a celebrity mother on Instagram. We all have our struggles. Social media is a representation of the best moments in people’s lives. So, don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you are not keeping up with the “norm”. The only “norm” you should concern yourself with is your own.

Affirm Yourself

Be your own guiding light during your moments of doubt. You have to be able to tell yourself that you are doing the best you can in the way that you are. Even if it is in the simplest way of telling yourself, 'I can do this. I am doing the best I can.' These simple affirmations to get you through any moment are things you can try to apply in your everyday life.

Take Every Chance You Can Get to Rest and Be by Yourself

You have to take rest and solitude in all the moments that you can even if it means taking those ten minutes when you are showering or when the baby is napping. Just putting aside a simple ten minutes of every day to spend on JUST YOURSELF is necessary for your sanity. There will be days that it won’t be possible but when you do get chances, TAKE THEM.

Fill Yourself with Love First

I believe that this concept of giving all you can until you have nothing to give is something of the past. We have to treat self-love as a necessity. Your cup has to be filled to be able to fill the lives of others. If we do not make this a priority then you will burn out fast and bright.

Ask for Help from Your Family and Friends When You Need It

The important people in our lives and especially the ones that surround Moms are key to fostering self-love but only in so far that they should ensure that they are helping them get those moments of solitude when they can. Their partners and family members should be able to lift the burden once in awhile if they are able to. If you can see that they are exhausted, lend a hand in every moment that you can. It is about respecting them through their journey but also knowing when to help with the heavy lifting when it is needed.

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