Here Are the Answers to Your Questions about Purchasing Pre-loved Baby Gear!

Kids—they grow up so fast. And as a parent, it’s important to keep in mind how quickly your little one will outgrow the baby gear you’ve invested in. Fortunately, in the era of sustainability, you’ll never have to toss out a great booster seat or let a pricy stroller gather dust in storage. Meet Nextmom: the Philippines’ first certified mom-to-mom marketplace for premium, pre-screened, pre-loved baby gear. This simple platform connects parents in search of high-quality baby products with others looking to sell theirs. There’s no need to sweat the pre-loved stuff—every item in Nextmom’s assortment is gently-used and rigorously vetted, so it feels brand new when it gets to you. Baby-friendly, budget-friendly, and a blessing for the environment. What more could a mom ask for?

Here Are the Answers to Your Questions about Purchasing Pre-loved Baby Gear!

Since we are in the early stages of the shift towards sustainable shopping, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. We tackled six of the most commonly asked questions about buying and selling baby gear to help make the shift a little smoother. Keep on reading to find out the answers!

Where can I buy pre-loved baby gear?

There are many online marketplaces that sell a wide-range of products, but Nextmom is the first certified marketplace specializing in baby gear. The brainchild of an entrepreneur mom with a young one of her own, Nextmom has grown into a trusted e-commerce platform that carries products from the best and most dependable brands.

How can I be sure of the authenticity and quality of the product? To be a trustworthy platform, Nextmom developed a detailed product assessment process to ensure that what they list online will meet the expectations of their new owners. They vet and sanitize all products, as well as specify any identifying marks on the item. They even describe and show photographs of the marks and indicate whether the item comes in its original packaging. Imagine shopping for great deals without the stress of possible scammers—please count us in!

What protocols are in place to ensure product safety?

It’s in your instincts as parents to protect your babies, so it only makes sense that you want to guarantee that anything and everything they come into contact with is safe. Following the same belief, Nextmom only accepts items that are in perfect working condition and sends back any damaged items to their original owners. Baby gear can cost an arm and a leg when bought brand new, so why not scan the website and maybe find them there good-as-new?

Why buy pre-loved baby gear?

The most common reason to buy pre-loved is to get quality items at a cheaper price. You may be able to go for that luxury brand you’ve been eyeing without extending your budget, if you opt for gently-used. Another reason to purchase pre-loved is to incorporate sustainability into parenting by extending the usability of existing products. By being environmentally-conscious, you are not only being a friend to the planet, but also to the next generation.

How much can I save by shopping pre-loved?

You can save up to 70% off the original prices of items. Yes, you read that right—all items are in perfect working condition and are sold for only a fraction of the cost! The levels of condition range from Acceptable (the item shows considerable wear and may show signs of previous use) to New (a brand-new, unused item in its original packaging). The selling price of each product is decided based on its condition rating.

Can I sell the baby gear my kid has outgrown?

Whether you’re looking to tidy up your home because you were inspired by Marie Kondo or because you’re making room for another baby, you can get back some of your hard-earned cash by selling your outgrown items. Give your gear a new home and extend their lifespan by allowing other families to make use of them. If you already have an account for shopping, you can use the same one to start selling on Nextmom.


Excited to shop for discounted premium baby gear or convert some of your unused items into cash? Head on to Nextmom’s website and start your sustainable shopping journey!


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