8 Maternity-Friendly Leggings Made for Every Mama’s Body

We all know pregnancy comes with its own unique set of curveballs and challenges, so can we all agree that there’s no reason to add discomfort to the mix? How can moms avoid wearing clothing that restricts their movement or makes them feel any less confident? Maternity leggings is the answer! The comfortable fabric and thoughtful design supports your growing belly, as well as your back, while also making you look good as you power through your day. For your shopping convenience, we rounded up 8 online shops that offer chic and colorful leggings for you to choose from. Stock up on your favorite ones to keep you company throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey. You sure deserve it, Mama!

8 Maternity-Friendly Leggings Made for Every Mama's Body

Our Recess

This brand’s pieces are meant to be worn when you need to be good to you, something most of us overlook because of the business of our days. Our Recess designed The Future Is Here Legging for pregnancy and postpartum movement, specifically for expecting moms to grow into, stretch, sleep, and workout, all while keeping your human-in-progress comfortable.

Photo from @our.recess | The Future Is Here Legging, ₱2,198

Machita Activewear

This pair is a closet staple for all women, no matter what phase in their lives—new mama, fitness enthusiast, or athleisure lover! Your body will love the feel of the fabric on your skin, as well as the hip-hugging sculpt it gives. Check out their many candy-colored leggings and have some fun picking out your favorite.

Photo from @machita.activewear | Dare to Bare Tights, ₱1,500

Vivre Activewear

These over-the-bump leggings come with an ultra high-rise, no-dig waistband and concealed side pockets for your comfort and convenience. Made for lounging and low to medium impact workouts, these tights also come in an ankle length version called the Nurture Elite Maternity Tights.

Photo from @vivreactivewear_ph | Embrace Elite Maternity Crop, ₱2,890

Luna Flex PH

What doesn’t look better when wrapped in a pretty bow? The Adora Ribbon Leggings’ soft and stretchy fabric makes it an excellent partner for your postpartum journey. Look good and feel good as you learn the ropes of being a new mama!

Photo from @lunaflexph | Adora Ribbon Leggings, ₱1,499

Blanqi from Urban Essentials

Flexible enough for lounging on the couch or running errands, the shorter silhouette features Blanqi’s signature soft, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool throughout your pregnancy. It can be worn with any top or under a chic maxi-dress for added support. You can also opt for the full-coverage, ankle-length version called the Blanqi Maternity Support Leggings.

Photo from @urbanessentialsinc | Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Girlshort, ₱3,140)


Elin’s comfy maternity jeggings were made with a cotton spandex band to cover and support your growing bump. The stretchy waistband allows you to continue using them before, during, and after your pregnancy. The jeggings come in three neutral colors: black, navy blue, and gray denim.

Photo from @elin_ph | Maternity Jeggings, ₱895


There’s a reason you feel happy when you hear the words, “Welcome to Uniqlo!” The retail giant simply knows how to make quality clothes. Their take on maternity leggings gently fits the belly, without an elastic waistband. The fabric makes sure your silhouette looks fab, while still providing exceptional freedom of movement.

Photo from @uniqlophofficial | Women Maternity Leggings, ₱790

Lotus Activewear

Made with nylon and spandex, this seamless design offers superior comfort for your belly and your bum. Fill your post-pregnancy wardrobe with pieces you’re sure will help you rather than hinder you with your new journey. Are you a fan of seamless sets? You can also get a matching Sabine Seamless Bra in the same color!

Photo from @lotusactivewear | Sabine Seamless Leggings, ₱695


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