Baby Blue’s First Birthday Was a Backyard Pow Wow!

Blue’s family made sure his first birthday was festive and fun, despite the pandemic! They threw him a Pow Wow party in a backyard venue in Bataan, decorating the place with complementary colors of orange and blue and preparing all sorts of delicious dishes and desserts. A little tent, a rocking horse, and hand-painted sign brought the theme to life, and the adorable celebrant was all dressed for the occasion too! Come and enjoy Blue’s birthday through these photos by Destined Stories!

Baby Blue’s First Birthday Was a Backyard Pow Wow!

Photographer: Destined Stories / Venue: Kubli at the M farm / Cake and Cupcake Baker: Zeb’s Cakes and Pastries / Rental Furniture: H & A Tiffany Chairs / Cookies: The Chub Wits / Oatmeal Cookies: Carmen’s / Letter Standee: Ma.Rt / Smash Cake: D.I.Y.

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