Check Out These Cute Korean Minimalist Cakes for Your Kid’s Next Birthday!

It’s no wonder why minimalist Korean cakes have taken Instagram by storm over the last year! These single tier buttercream cakes are not only yummy, they also feature such simple and stunning designs. The best thing about these cakes though is that they are truly customizable: the buyers get to choose both the design and message on their cake. A lot of these stores also have different flavors and sizes ranging from tiny lunchbox cakes to regular-sized cakes. For your child’s next birthday, why not try out one of these personalized and delicious cakes? If you’re not sure what design to ask for, we’re here to the rescue! We’re listing down five Korean cake themes that would be perfect for your little one’s next birthday celebration. Scroll down to get some inspiration from these cute cakes!

Check Out These Cute Korean Minimalist Cakes for Your Kid's Next Birthday!


An animal-themed cake is a classic kid’s birthday cake choice. If your child is a budding animal lover, this theme is the way to go! You can have a zoo-themed cake or a minimalist illustration of your child and a pet. 

Photo from Love, Miss J
Photo from Aegyo Cakes
Photo from Baked by Claire


Outer Space

Is your child obsessed with everything out of this world? Here are some outer space-related themes! You can have a cake decorated with rockets for your future astronaut, or for something simple, have a cake with galaxy colors.

Photo from Love, Miss J
Photo from Queensland Catering



These Korean cakes truly bring something new to princess-themed cakes. Like this stunning Tangled cake, you could ask for a scene from your little one’s favorite princess movie. If you’re looking for something more subtle, you can have a vintage cake with classic piping that looks straight out of a storybook!

Photo from Aegyo Cakes
Photo from Baked by Trimy


Floral Fun

Korean minimalist cakes are well-known for their pretty floral designs. There are so many options to choose from, but the most popular of them all are dainty florals! Of course, you can ask for any flower and any color you want, especially if you want it to match your child’s preferences or the palette of the party. These designs are also perfect for baby showers or baptisms!

Photo from M & L Bakery
Photo from Cakes by Alyanna


Cartoon Characters

How cute are these detailed cartoon cakes? You can have a cake made with your little one’s favorite cartoon or book characters. You can even include a fun title or a sweet message on the icing. It will surely make your child’s special day memorable!

Photo from Earthcakes
Photo from Mid-Bake-Cakes


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