Hey, Moms! Here are Some Fun and Creative Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day.

It’s time to put the spotlight on dads and show how special they are to the family! Think of what your hubby might enjoy doing for the day, whether it’s fun and games with the family or something more laidback. We’re sure he will love anything you plan, though, because getting to spend quality time with you and the kids will always be the best gift of all. But if you need a little help thinking of ideas, here is a list of activities you can consider for a memorable Father’s Day!

Hey, Moms! Here are Some Fun and Creative Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special on Father's Day.

Let Him Sleep In

Cut Dad some slack for Father’s Day and let him take a couple extra minutes to snooze. If you have a baby that keeps you both awake at night, he will surely think of this as a grand gesture. If you have some more energy, maybe you could even take over part of his chores to give him a break. We all know how precious being able to rest and relax is, so it would be nice to reward Dad with time off for this day.



Surprise Him with a Special Brunch

You can also treat him to a special brunch you cooked yourself. The kids could even help out if they’re old enough to assist you in the kitchen. Whip up his favorite breakfast and brunch food and maybe even serve it in bed. But a family brunch where you can all enjoy the meal together also sounds spectacular!



Have an Indoor Picnic and Movie Night

Level up on movie nights by throwing an indoor picnic! Lay out mats on the living room floor, prepare a picnic basket with all of Dad’s favorite snacks and drinks, and let him choose the movie (that the kids can enjoy too).



Plan a Family Game Day

Apart from a movie night, you can also think of games you can play as a family. Bring out the board games or download quiz apps for a fun, friendly competition. If your family loves video games, then why not spare some time to play together? If you don’t know how all those Switches work, then let this be an opportunity for Dad and the kids to teach you!



Have the Kids Write Notes for Dad

If your kids are already able to write, it would be really sweet to have them make notes for their Dad. You can also get a little crafty and have them put their handprints on a card using paint. Handwritten notes will be a lovely and heartwarming keepsake!



Capture the Moment with Photos

This might already be a given, but do take as many photos as you can. Maybe you could even dress up a little, plan matching outfits, and capture the memories with a mini photoshoot at home. This would be a fun way to celebrate especially if it’s your hubby’s first Father’s Day!



Quality Time with the Kids

If Dad prefers a chill celebration, then maybe letting him have some one-on-one time with the kids would be a great idea! Allow him to choose activities he and the kids can do together whether that’s a game of basketball, a dance party in the living room, making snacks, or just watching TV. Father-Daughter or Father-Son bonding sessions are definitely priceless!



Give Him a Big Hug and Say ‘Thank You’

Words of affirmation are always a welcome gift! Don’t forget to show Dad just how much you love and appreciate him through the simplest yet most thoughtful gestures of all. A big hug from you and the kids, and a heartfelt “thank you for being a great dad” will remind him just how much you appreciate all his hard work for the family!



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