Here’s What You Can Do with the Clothes Your Child Outgrows!

Kids grow so fast, sometimes it seems like they’ve outgrown their clothes before they’ve even had the chance to use them! But instead of just throwing out these clothes, why not put them to good use? Given how many clothes end up in landfills, it’s important that we care about where our textiles go when we’re done using them. Here’s the good news: there are actually a lot of things you can do with the clothes your child outgrows, and today we’re sharing them with you!

Here’s What You Can Do with the Clothes Your Child Outgrows!

Sell them online

Online selling is a great way to get some money out of these clothes your child has outgrown. It’s also a safe option during the pandemic as long as follow safety protocols, such as contact-less delivery and proper washing before use. You can sell the items on Carousell, Facebook Marketplace, or even online garage sale groups. As always, make sure the items you’re selling are in good condition and disclose any flaws. Remember to be kind, patient, and honest with buyers!


Give them to a friend with a younger kid

Do you have a friend or relative with kids younger than yours? Maybe they’d appreciate some of the items your own child has grown out of. For example, if your child has a pair of sports shoes that don’t fit anymore, and your friend has a smaller child who plays the same sport, why not offer the shoes? It’s great because you’ll know that the item will truly be used after you give it up.


Trade them for something else

Quarantine saw the rise of barter groups, which allow members of a community to trade their items with each other. You can trade your child’s old clothes for food, appliances, decor, and anything under the sun! Check Facebook to see if a barter community exists in your area, and if it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to make your own with friends and neighbors!


Donate them

When you donate, you’re not just giving your clothes a new home, you’re also helping people out! Many places like thrift stores, charities, and foundations take clothing donations. One thing to note is that not all donated clothes are sold or given away, especially if they’re dirty or damaged, so what’s important is that you donate clothes that are in good, usable condition. If you’re looking to donate, you can ask the churches and communities around you, or check out these organizations that accept clothing donations: 


Repurpose them

It’s very likely that you’ll have some clothes that aren’t in good enough condition to sell or give away. However, don’t let your first instinct be to throw them out. You can still use the fabric for other things, especially D.I.Y. projects! It’s a great exercise in resourcefulness and creativity, and if you like to sew, now’s your chance to hone that skill!


Store them safely for the future

Yes, this is an option too! You can choose to keep some of these outgrown clothes, especially ones that you know will be in great condition for years to come. You, or someone close to you, might have another baby who can wear the clothes in the future. And if an item is truly special or long-lasting, you can even save it for your children’s children to wear someday too!


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