We’re Launching the Baby and Breakfast Seal of Approval!

If there’s something that doesn’t change whether you’re a first time parent or an experienced one, it’s that you will always want the best for your children. But with so many products available and new technologies being introduced day after day, it’s not so easy keeping up. That is exactly why we are launching the Baby and Breakfast Seal of Approval. It will help guide you, parents, in making smarter, more informed purchase decisions when shopping for yourselves and your kids. This campaign will bring together child experts, educators, mom influencers, and thought leaders online to discuss parenting advice and recommend the best products for children. We are inviting you—hands-on parents, expecting parents, and parents of all ages—to join us in our projects and online events! Baby and Breakfast will be awarding its first Seal of Approval to a brand that is the top choice for “No Compromise Moms. Watch out for it soon!


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