Here’s Why These Breastfeeding and Expecting Moms Got the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Which COVID-19 vaccine is the best? The results are in and it’s unanimous—the best COVID-19 vaccine is the one available to you right now. But, like with the many other choices breastfeeding and expecting moms are faced with, careful thought and consideration are needed before deciding. We already know which food and drinks moms can have that are safe for the baby, but what about which vaccines? The Department of Health advises pregnant women to get the vaccine after the first trimester of pregnancy, while women who breastfeed are advised to get any vaccine brand available. You can also consider your lifestyle, risk of exposure, and the vaccine’s side effects when making your decision. We asked some moms to talk to us about their experiences as well as what helped them make their decisions to get vaccinated. Keep on reading to hear what they have to share about their COVID-19 vaccine story.

Here's Why These Breastfeeding and Expecting Moms Got the COVID-19 Vaccine!

What do the experts say? 

Breastfeeding or lactating women can get any available COVID-19 vaccine. Studies conducted with similar vaccines show that it will not affect the mother’s milk supply. Some studies have even shown antibodies are transferred from the mother to the baby days after they get their first dose. Regarding the effects of vaccination during pregnancy, there is still a limited number of studies. However, based on the available data, the vaccine is unlikely to pose a risk for women who are pregnant. If you have any questions or concerns about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, it is best to have a conversation with your healthcare provider.


Mommy Paulina

Mommy Paulina decided to get vaccinated while on a breastfeeding journey with her 8-month old daughter. The day after her first shot, she recalls feeling very sleepy, while she only felt slight heaviness in her arm after the second dose. She also shares that based on her blood test 2 weeks post-vaccination, her antibody levels were sky-high, which was very reassuring for her given all the new and contagious variants out there. Mommy Paulina encourages everyone, moms and dads and the rest, to get vaccinated, no matter what the brand.

"My baby cannot protect herself. She can’t wear masks or shields, and she can’t get vaccinated. So I want to do everything I can to protect myself for her. Also, vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic." - Mommy Paulina

Mommy Pia

Mommy Pia got her vaccination soon after she gave birth. While still early in her breastfeeding journey with her 2-month old daughter, she got her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. She recalls feeling a bit tired the day after she got the shot, but it never escalated to a fever. Luckily, she only had to rest for a bit, then she could get back to her new role as Mom.

"I decided to get vaccinated to protect myself from the virus, and also to protect my baby. There are studies that say that when a mom gets vaccinated, antibodies partly get transferred to the baby." - Mommy Pia

Mommy Camile

Mommy Camille was in her first trimester when she first consulted her OB-GYN about getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Given she has comorbidities and lives in a household where most step outside to work, she was concerned for her pregnancy. Her OB-GYN cleared her to receive an mRNA vaccine after her pre-natal health check-up at Week 15. She shares feeling some pain on the vaccinated arm and mild body aches and fatigue after her first and second dose. After a good night’s rest, she would awake feeling better and thankful to be protected from the virus.

"My OB-GYN allowed me to receive an mRNA vaccine once I was safely in my second trimester. I decided to get vaccinated to protect myself and my baby since my husband often steps out of the house for work." - Mommy Camille 




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