Fly Away with Trey Baron in His Paper Airplane Themed First Birthday Party!

We’ve all folded and played with a paper airplane, or two, when we were kids. Maybe, you even practice origami with your kids right now! Paper airplanes are just so nostalgic because they remind us of simple joys, and it’s so fitting to use as a theme in this wonderful, intimate celebration. Just look at how happy Trey Baron is in his first birthday party at home with his family! The smiles on their faces will uplift your mood, too, just as much as the floating paper airplanes surrounding their cozy space from the backdrops to the desserts! You’re going to enjoy all the cuteness, so go on and scroll through these photos from Delightful Little Darlings.

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings / Cake Baker: Sugarplum Pastries / Event Stylist: Flourish and Frills

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