Moms, Let’s Talk About You and the Fourth Trimester

After the long nine months, you can finally hold your precious baby in your arms, Mama! The tiny kicks, the peeing every 2 hours, and the painful heartburn is now over. This is your cue to say hello to sleepless nights, unlimited feeding sessions, and multiple diaper changes because you’re officially in the Fourth Trimester! Together with the birth of your baby, you are also birthed as a parent and this is a whole new experience of uncomfortable (and often painful) adjustments and learning. What does this mean and what can you expect from this new chapter in your life? Read more about it here.

Moms, Let's Talk About You and the Fourth Trimester

Fourth Trimester: The term popularized by Dr. Harvey Karp, a renowned pediatrician, to describe the first three months after giving birth."

They say that for the first three months, what will help you cope is to think that your baby is a fetus but outside the womb. By doing so, you can put your expectations into perspective. It’s going to be a whole new world for your baby and for you, too. Here’s what you can expect while you care for your baby during the first 12 weeks of life.

You’ll Be Needed Often 
You have birthed your baby into a totally unknown territory. Everything is new to him and it can get scary, mama! What does he do to cope? His survival instincts will tell him to feed often, seek for warmth, and sleep as much as he can. With your baby’s little organs adjusting to the big new world, you become his source of comfort and security.

What does this mean for you? This means that you will have to feed him almost every hour, wrap him up in a swaddle, and sacrifice your precious sleep in order to care for your tiny one 24/7. Your baby will need you and it can get exhausting because it’s also the same time when you’ll try to find your bearings as a new mom. Your baby will need you the same way you need air to breathe and it can get overwhelming–and that’s okay.

Your Body will Feel Different
Pregnancy has changed your body in so many ways and giving birth cements all of those changes. No matter how you give birth–normal or C-section–your body won’t feel the same way again. Your breasts will feel full and heavy, your tummy will feel numb and detached, and your muscles will feel weak and mushy. Back aches are common from all the carrying and managing your bowel movement becomes painful because of constipation. But mama, you will for sure surprise yourself because even with all the discomfort, you’ll power through.

You’ll Be Full of Emotions
It’s during the Fourth Trimester when you’ll fully realize that your life has completely changed. While birth is the end of your pregnancy journey, your physical and emotional experience as a new mom is just beginning. You can feel extreme happiness, intense fear, unexplained anger, and unending gratefulness all at the same time! There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you start feeling lonely and regretful, it’s normal. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal by acknowledging every emotion that fills your heart and mind. When you’re ready, release everything and dwell on the great love you feel for your child.

You’ll Worry So Much
For the first three months, you’ll constantly have the urge to check if your baby is breathing properly. When you hear a thud or a screech, your mind will go haywire with all the bad scenarios you will imagine. Even a mosquito bite on your precious baby will make you feel sad and it will prompt a wide search for the culprit! You’ll worry so much during the Fourth Trimester simply because you are learning something new. Look at worrying as a positive thing as it will help you care for your baby the best way you can.

You’ll Be Just Fine
Your first three months with your baby will be challenging, confusing, and downright exhausting, and it’s okay if you admit this to yourself. It won’t mean that you love your baby any less and it won’t make you less of a mom. When other people say to “trust your instincts” in taking care of your child but you don’t have the slightest idea what that means, it’s okay. Ask questions and be open for help. When you see other moms look great only days after giving birth and you find yourself staring at your saggy body, it’s okay. Take your time to love yourself again. When you feel like you’re doing everything wrong, stop for a while and know that your baby loves you just the way you are–bruised, broken, and beautiful. You’ve got this, Momma!

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