6 Reasons Why Parents Should Vote in the 2022 Elections

Probably the most anticipated event in 2022, that will greatly affect and change our lives, is none other than the Presidential elections. Potential candidates may already be the recurring dinner table topic nowadays in your homes. Some of us may be concerned, anxious, and even confused. Who do we vote for? Should we even vote at all? With the pandemic still very much present in our lives, how then do we cling to hope for a better future – one where no one is left behind especially children? Voting is our right and duty, and while it is still up to you to decide whether you will vote or not, we’d just like to talk about the reasons why we should exercise this right.

Our decisions will have an impact on what happens in the future and this includes the kind of country and world kids will grow up in. If you are already a registered voter, here are some of the reasons why Moms and Dads should vote in the upcoming elections in May 2022.

(Layout) To Give Kids A Chance to Experience the World Safely Again
If we are all feeling cooped up and stressed because we cannot go outside, kids are feeling this, too. They might not fully understand what is happening, but just the fact that they can’t visit their other friends and family affects them, too. Wouldn’t we want to give our kids, nieces, nephews, and godchildren the chance to run around or simply eat at their favorite restaurant again? Wouldn’t we want to be with our loved ones safely once more? Kids can’t make this decision on their own, so Moms and Dads need to make the wisest choices for them.


(Layout) To Stand Up for Every Child’s Right to Education
Homeschooling and online learning is not a privilege that is accessible to all children. This is convenient for those with enough resources, but let’s also think about kids in public schools whose parents do not have as much as others. Many kids who live in the provinces struggle with finding internet connection alone. We’ve all seen stories of students trying to study in the middle of the woods, and getting by with only a smartphone as their means of attending class. Schools and teachers are instrumental in providing children with quality education. In our own little way, let’s make the decision that will help education become safe, accessible, and conducive for all.


(Layout) To Have More Role Models Kids Can Look Up To
Moms and Dads, you will always be your kids superheroes, but having a few more role models they can look up to wouldn’t hurt either! There are lots of people worthy of admiration and whose words and deeds are worth emulating. One of the ways we can teach kids to grow up to be kind and compassionate is by having living examples. So, let’s choose leaders who can be genuine examples and good influences for kids.


(Layout) To Make Better Choices for the Benefit of the Future
Apart from working hard to provide for your kids, voting is also a way to help shape the future into a better one. It’s a simple act but it makes a huge difference. Your vote is important in supporting potential leaders who want to sincerely serve the people. When we take the time to research the platforms of every candidate, we can make sound decisions on who to vote for. When we support leaders who are able to protect the environment or uplift public health right now, kids will enjoy the fruits of our efforts in the future!


(Layout) To Set Your Own Good Example for Your Kids
By exercising your right to vote, you are showing your kids that it is something worth doing for years to come. When your kids are old enough, voting is also your chance to teach them about what kind of leaders to vote for. Voting is a way for kids to see why good leaders are important in creating a flourishing society.


(Layout) To Show Your Kids That Every Vote Matters
Each of us has only one vote, but your single vote is significant. It is counted. A vote is equivalent to letting our voices be heard. As early as now, though your kids may still be young, you can show them that all of us play a vital role in society no matter who you are.

Fulfilling our dreams for a brighter and more hopeful future can start with a vote. Voter’s registration for the 2022 elections is until October 31. Register now and let’s all do our part!


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