Natural Baby Bottle Cleanser vs. Regular Dishwashing Soap: Is There Really a Difference?

When it comes to caring for babies, there’s always the tricky question of need and want. Moms often ask, “Is this really needed or is it all just targeted marketing?” With all the fluff that surrounds baby care, how will new moms know what to take seriously? The short answer is, if it puts your baby’s health in danger, like using ordinary dishwashing soap to clean their bottles, then that baby product becomes a need.

Today, we’re weighing in on the difference between natural baby bottle cleansers and regular dishwashing soap. Scroll through this article, mom, and find out how you can provide better care for your little one!

Natural Baby Bottle Cleanser vs. Regular Dishwashing Soap: Is There Really a Difference?

Talk About Residue
Cleaning agents, in general, can leave a thin layer of residue on any washed surface. The question is, what type of residue are you willing to risk to come in contact with your baby?

Regular dishwashing soap have chemical ingredients like foaming agents, perfumes, and anti-fungal elements that are required to clean grease. If not rinsed properly, your baby may be ingesting it along with his milk.

On the other hand, there’s a natural baby bottle cleanser like Cradle that effectively kills 99% of germs and also is certified non-toxic and edible by the SGS group, making it 100% safe even if ingested by your little ones.

Which, for you, is the better option?


The Difference Between Synthetic and Plant-Based
While synthetic dishwashing soaps are made with a combination of effective chemicals from laboratories, plant-based cleansers derive its power from nature. This means that the formulation is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, free from chemicals that may harm your baby. This makes Cradle the first and only USDA Biopreferred bottle wash in the country!

Regular dishwashing soap may appear more effective, but as with anything, the option which is closer to nature is the safest.


Importance of Spotting Toxic Chemicals
We have the idea that when something smells good and creates bubbles, it’s sure to be effective in cleaning. But what we often don’t realize is that the more bubbly it is and the stronger smell it has equates to more chemicals, which can cause more harm to our babies than good. Always check the labels carefully before purchasing and make sure to spot toxic chemicals on the list of ingredients like Phosphates, Triclosan, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). When you do, then that product is not for you and your baby.


Meticulous Moms Know the Difference
Meticulous moms know that all-natural products can be as effective as ordinary cleansers, plus it offers so much more! It provide moms the peace of mind and the assurance that they’re taking care of their baby the best way possible. That’s why they choose Cradle Natural Baby Bottle Cleanser. It’s safe to use around your baby since it’s USDA Biopreferred-certified and is proven to kill 99% of germs yet it’s non-toxic and edible. You can be sure that your baby won’t get sick from any dishwashing residue.

Visit Cradle’s website to know more about the brand or browse their latest products here. If you need a guide to safely storing and cleaning your baby bottles, here’s a good article to help you start!

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